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SP websites or no websites....


Jun 26, 2003
There was a similar post on this, but feel compelled to post it anyway...

In today's day and age of technology, I sometimes wonder why all service providers do not have websites with good and accurate pictures and info. I mean, if they are photogentic, it is to their advantage. But if they are not it is not to their advantage. Smetimes too, I wonder if the ones that do not have a website are not being accurate in how they describe themslves in the print ad and over the phone. Too many holes to fill in between the lines...

So I guess this is directed more toward the SP's who frequent this forum. Why do you or why do you not have a website so that the info about yourself is presented clearly (and of course accurately) to prospective clients? And why do the ones who do have websites here not let it be known on their homepage here?
Personally I prefer clear and concrete info if I make the move to set something up instead of reading between the lines... Saves time and imbarrassment etc...
Pink Cherry