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some reviews (maybe a tad long)


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Aug 1, 2003
I just got back from a session from PH; so since I had a little time on my hands before I sleep, here's a quick review of some MPs I visited over the last couple of years...

1. Faith @ SC; don't know if she's still around (anyone seen her lately??) l/m/e : 8/7/9, still probably one of my favourites, been with her on so many occasions, but I don't even think she remembers my name. She has this awesome personalilty, a nice pair of bolt ons, and of course the popular nipple fetish...the first MP I went to who wasn't very restrictive to my roaming hands.

2. A couple fo gals at XTC; I can't remember their names (maybe I am getting really old and tired). One gal was part native I believe; petit, and very skinny, a fun ride, but I guess I was just very horny, b/c I don't remember her being very good-looking. The other gal was almost the opposite with regards to her physical body, not a large gal, but let's just say she won't make it in the next copy of Maxim.

3. 99 st. Heath Studio...worst visit ever. Once again, I must have been thinking with steveistired jr. Pretty face, name once again escapes me, place reminds me of an old hospital with the bright lights, the tile floors, etc...you learn from mistakes and just don't go back...

4. Carly @ Aristocrats; 8/9/8 Boy she was fantastic. Must have been "early" in her career, or something, but she gave the best massage, and her cbj technique was something...got a chance to see her twice, and she remember everything we talked about; but that was it, since I had other things to do (see #1).

5. Stevie @ Cloud Nine; 8/?/7...this was a weird one; I was with a buddy at the strippers next door; and I was kinda drunk, and we went in the c9. Somehow I got lucky and got "dibs" on the best looking gal there; the other lady had a little too much "boose" in the caboose.

6. Krissy @ PH; see my previous posts...

7. Crystal @ PH...my god she is hot. From the website I thought she was much taller. I got there and was greeted by Claudia, she showed me to a room asked for the room fee up front (I've never been asked that, so it was kinda weird for me). So I just asked if there was anyone else available...in walks Crystal, and
I was hesitant at first from the posts here, but said, I need a hot chick. I was only going for a reverse, but she gave such a wicked massage, I took it one extra step to a cbj. She isn't the most talkative, but since I am quite witty, I managed to get a pretty good conversation out of her. 9(I'd give her a 10 for looks, but the bolts were looking a wee bit poorly done)/8/8. Let's just say that although she doesn't talk so much, she does have a pretty wicked tongue...

Ok that's enough, I'm getting bothered thinking about it...and darn they're closed now... :)

PM me if you want some details about expenditures (or my visits in Vancouver)...


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Jul 14, 2003

Nice reviews. I went into SC a while back looking for the infamous Faith (others had mentioned how great she was to). All I can say is, in the door, quick look around, quick look at the women, and then I hightailed it.

What a dump, and let's just say that the women were not my type (which is saying a lot since I've admitted to doing some butt-ugly chicks).
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