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Jun 14, 2003
Just south of here

First post, felt it was time to offer something back after years of lurking.

Will post a few reviews of MPs and the ladies that work in them. My experiences go back 8-10 yrs, but will limit the reviews to the last year or so and to currently active ladies. Won't use the numeric rating as it is too subjective to be of any value.

Here we go.....


Nice place, haven't been there in over a year or more (too far to drive for me). Have seen:

nice women, mid 30s I would guess, very sexy when she is down in her weight (it tends to fluctuate...recent pics look very good). Gives great massage, great extras. Would recommend her, esp for someone just starting out in the hobby.

Probably late 20s by now. Have seen her a number of times, but that was when she worked as Deja at Prestige. Very friendly, open minded (DATY). Has ample stretch marks but they didn't bother me, her service made up for it. Would probably still be seeing her, but too far for me to drive.


Another nice place...big, clean well appointed rooms. Not sure why it doesn't get the attention that some of the others get.

saw her once, a year or more ago. Was attracted by her pics (very hot) but her interest was not there...very mechanical and distant. Have not returned.

very, I say very, attractive young thing (early 20's). About 5'8", long brown hair, very pretty face, skinny but perfectly curved figure, big B cups. Would be the perfect SP except she doesn't do FS, and she is very shy. Friendly if you can draw her out, but not very interactive on her own. If she got a little more experience she would be outstanding, but I am pretty sure she is not in this business for the long term...just looking for some short term income.


Have not been here, but have seen many of the girls when they worked elsewhere so will review them anyways.

Saw her when she was at Southern Comfert. As others have said, very hot looking (Jamie Lee Curtis double) with the most outstanding breasts in the city. Very easy to talk with, we got along great...however, she would make a better best friend than SP as she is really not into anything that resembles emotion during the session.

Saw her at Aristocrats. Another very pretty, very friendly girl, but in a best friend sort of way. Again, very little emotion (even faked emotion would help) so I have not been back.

Have seen her a few times. A little soft, but a lot of fun. She gets into the sessions and really seems to enjoy herself. A little giggly, but if you can get past that should have a lot of fun with her.


Also nice..rooms are decent size, clean...have mirrors on the ceilings if you like watching from that angle.

late 20's, tall dark hair, pretty face. Big B cups. Friendly, open, and yes she does Greek and likes it (so did I). Will likely go back for more, just haven't had the time.


Now this place was a hole. Small, dark, in need of some repairs. Towels were scratchy and non-absorbant, like they were scotch guarded or something. Only been there once, and the lady I saw is now at Clould 9 so will review her there.


never been to the studio, but have seen one of the ladies elsewhere.

Went to see her at Deja Vu after all the hype posted on this board. Must say that it was all hype, in MHO. She is sort attractive, in a trailer park sort of way. Came on with a over the top Mae West caricature that was a turn off. Very forthcoming with the services, and will admit the body slide was nice, but overall the session was not what I expected. Plus the smell of stale alcohol on her breath didn't help.

That is it for now...more likely coming later.



Jun 4, 2003
More reviews

Thanks Walter for that valuable sets of reviews. Reviews like those are just what is needed more on this site. My only (very minor) suggestion is that we detail what the "extras" are.

Here is a quick reviews of my own:

Jewel & Lexi @ Executive

Yes, as many reviewers have told us before, these two are great fun. Lexi is lean, small on top with an absolute fantasti ass. Jewel has enhanced breasts and a bigger (but great) butt. Their double erotic massage and girl-on-girl antics had me standing at attention in no time for a double covered BJ to remember. Nothing like looking down at two sexy, enthusiastic gals sharing the same lolly. Should not be missed. Besides, they offer a daily two for one deal. Great lunchtime treat.

Josee, Independent. Sadly, I was disappointed by the French escort. Her website pix look pretty good, but when the tight leather came off during our lunchtime, motel room rendezvous, well, let's just say I was left uninspired. Maybe it was an off day for her, but the look in her eyes say that she has been in the biz way too long. Old, faded tattos were not a turn on. Awkward looking enhanced rack. Her clinical manual technique and personality didn't help matters either. Nonetheless, I went back to work 3 big bills lighter. Stay away.

More reviews to come.


Jun 4, 2003

Unfortunately, I can't remember this one's name, possibly Jennifer. But I remember everything else. She made up for her average body and looks with high marks in service and ethusiasm. Provided me with a fantastic introduction to Russian and finished me off with BBBJ and facial, all in the hot tub for quick clean up. Excellent delivery and deeply satisfying.


Ageed, Wendy is a friendly enough lady, but very average. VERY average.


Jayda at Sinders is one to be avoided. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Jayda is tall, all natural and fabulous looking, but her low-level enthusiasm and clumsy massage did nothing for me. Very unsexy.


It's been said before, and it's true, Sandy's body slide should be experienced by all. I recommend the body slide as an appetizer, followed by FS as the main course. Sandy is a fun gal. Gives great chat afterwards. I leave with a spinning head and a twinkle in my toes.

OK, I know, the place has shut. Regardless, I'd like to brag to everybody about the session I had with Paula one night. Nice big breasts. Even bigger sex drive. She was brunette that night (I hear she was blonde at times) She asked me for DATY and then spent well over half an hour riding my face. She got so excited, I thought I was going to drown in the juice. She reciprocated with an epic BBBJ -- long and very wet, just the way I like it. Completed with CIM. If Paula returns to work and you decide to visit, I recommend you wear a good suit. Suits turn her on, she said. It worked for me.

More later


Dec 25, 2002
Riding Off Into The Sunset
Darkone, you truly are my new hero! Love your review about Paula at Divine. Sounded like one wild time. It's too bad that neither are still there, otherwise I'd be hopping in my car right now. What is your secret on obtaining BBBJ or Greek, as every time I've got the nerve to ask an SP, I get a firm NO. Like you I had hopes of obtaining these pleasures from Wendy at Cloud 9, only to find out that the postings on the other website (Fergie?) was a bunch of BS. Decided to stay with her anyway for a nice Russian with those big tits of hers. Agree with you that she is a nice lady personality wise but doubt weather I'd go back to see her as she's a little too chunky for my tastes.
Are there any girls currently working at a MP that you know for a fact will provide BBBJ without having to visit them a dozen times? I'm assuming that the girl you saw at Pleasure Point was some time ago and probably is no longer there?
Keep up the good reviews.


Jun 4, 2003
No secret


Thanks for the last email.

Let's face it, if I had a secret, do you think I would tell you what it is? Do you think I would be writing reviews on this board in the desperate hope that someone like you would reciprocate with their own valuable information on SPs? Not a chance. But, alas, here I am, sharing information, with the view of getting something in return.

Any hits I've scored is the result of having stepped up to bat, alot, with a lot of different gals. To be honest, I don't really know what kind of services an SP will offer after a dozen visits. My patience quickly wears thin after one or two visits if I don't get what I am looking for.

(As for your last question. Go see Holly at Swedish Touch. Now give ME some equally valuable information)


Dec 25, 2002
Riding Off Into The Sunset
Darkone. Seeing that you are a lover of the Greek, you might want to go and check out Ocean at Deja Vu. Her name has never been mentioned on this board as a provider for this service, but when I paid her a visit awhile back, she was the one who brought it up as an option. Price being a bit over 3 browns. She also advertises as being a DOM if that's your cup of tea. You can see her picture on their website but I didn't think she looked as good in person. Either they did a bit of airbrushing or she put on quite a bit of weight since those pictures were taken.
Also a guaranteed Greek provider is Carrie at Aristocrat, but that has already been mentioned previously. I must say that the price quoted me was less than anywhere else (Under 3 browns) As well she is a good looking gal with a nice body and seems to get into it from what I have read in previous reviews.


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Aug 27, 2003
Re: secrets

budar said:

There is one secret I won't share - and that has to do with knowing where the g-spot is, and how to truly make a woman come. Master it and women will be your slaves.

I know where it is...... about 40th ave and 98 street..... in Edmonton.... ha ha....

Your from Victoria. better explain... G-Spot is a Massage Parlour..... in Edmonton...