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Some questions


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Apr 27, 2003
Cdn Lotus Land
Hi. I stumbled upon this message board a few days ago and now have a couple of questions. I am new to using an escort service as i have just recently seperated from my wife. What I'm wondering is: Say you make an appointment for an hour and you finish early, does the girl stay for the full time or if i go to an agency, am i expected to leave or do most girls hang out and talk etc till the time is up. Also i'm wondering if it is assumed that you want sex or must you tell the girl at the start. Thanks.


Jan 4, 2003
If you pay for an hour, it's a fifty fifty chance you may spend part of that hour alone. It is polite and I would say most of the time policy to spend the whole hour unless she is an independant sp with a busy schedule I guess but ideally the indies should be fair about time as they have no fees to answer to. Also if the time with her is at all foul or if your personalities don't meld then I have known the odd sp to duck out early, then again I have known the odd sp that would rather stay the weekend instead of an hour as well. All depends on the girl and the mood and the money. And I don't suggest that you exhaust the "sex" issue over the telephone due to discretion reasons but can't hurt to throw in a hint so you are making it clear that this is the service you require so that you may be clear on the price of that type of call with that particular girl.