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I often find myself thinking about how many spoiled women there are in this world.
Many ladies take there husbands for granted, and don't apperciate all the wonderful things men do for them.As you might of guessed I am single and let me tell you it is hard.
I am the soul provider for my family I also have to be a mother and a father, the cook, the plummer, the handy man, and the person who has to kill house spiders(I am really scarred of spiders!)
Everyday I hear women complaining and bitching about there men.
Here's an example I over heard these women talking one of them was really upset with her husband, because she asked her husband to set something up from Ikea.When she returned home 45 min later he still was not done. I shop at Ikea and it takes 45 mins just to figure out the parts!
Please do not get me wrong men do f*** up, and there number one screw up is they cheat (no pun intended lol), but a lot of the time they cheat, because they want to feel wanted, or they have been cut off of sex.
Ladies sex is not a weapon do you expect your partner to jerk off for the rest of there life's.
Not to mention that monogamy is not a natural state for many men if it were then men would not have these feelings.
Love and sex are two different things.
I have many clients who have been caught cheating and spend years in counseling getting no where. Holly shit, I think I would forgive my partner in a day if agreed to go to counseling with me. To me that would show me that he loved me and was willing to do what ever it takes to win my love and forgiveness.
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Dec 5, 2004
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Thank you, Miss Ashley. It's nice to hear a woman who appreciates that most men work pretty hard to contribute.

I was having flashbacks. It's hard to keep up with some women's expectations.

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Apr 24, 2004
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Once the initial familiarization of a relationship has past it becomes a partnership. Both sides have to respect each other and share in everything. There has to be a good reason to make a commitment to another person. Hopefully these women had good reasons to make the commitment of marriage and can remember what they saw in their husbands when there is a disagreement.

I've never cheated on a gf (never been married). I can understand the hurt it would cause. I really can't see how a relationship could survive if either partner cheated. How could you trust your partner afterwards?

I have total respect for single mothers. Keep your chin up Ashley, I'm sure your doing a great job.


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Apr 28, 2005
i very much agree with you ashley. so many women out there use sex as a weapon. and i think that is one of the biggiest contributors as to why guys cheat. i have never cheated on any girl i've dated. EVER. i have wanted but knew what the repercussions would be. i have too much respect for a girl when i am dating someone to do that to them. i thank you for your comments. very much appreciated. i am single myself, and i know that alot of guys out there complain about their other halfs. its not so easy being a single guy.


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Apr 24, 2005

Just a bit curious what made you write this, Ashley. Has it something to do with our conversation last Friday? :p

Anyway, what you said made me think a lot and touched an area in my heart. I also applaud everything you are doing for your family. You deserve to be with a great guy... even though you don't get married. ;)

Things likes this makes guys want to be with you more!


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Dec 6, 2004
There are a lot of lonely hard working ladies that are trapped on the sp treadmill. Hard to have the type of boyfriend that meets your standards when you are a sp.

From my perspective, having been married twice, it was the ladies fault. My wives sound pretty much like the ladies first described in this thread. Like most husbands I am sure that I own some of the responsibility for the deterioration in the relationship but our western lifestyle leads men into the role of being the achiever and provider. To be good at this one has to devote a lot of time and effort into our work. This can lead to two lives going in different directions and unhappy partners that become critical of our failures at home which causes further deterioration. It is a treadmill and it feeds on itself and once started it is very difficult to reverse.

There is no substitute for a good relationship/personality fit. Best friends are not critical and disrespectful of each other the way two partners trapped in a relationship are. Why? Probably because if you are disrespectful to your friend the friend finds another friend. They like being with you because it makes them feel good too. The most common mistake in relationships is to assume and treat your partner any differently that your best friend. Forget the concept that you are bound to each other because you may fall into the trap of being less respectful because they have to put up with your crap because their options are limited.

Good luck!


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Oct 4, 2004
I work in a environment where I meet many people.One day I met this woman that had been on many talk shows and published a few books.She gave me a hint on keeping good relationships.It was "problem solving" that was the answer.


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Dec 10, 2003
both sides have it bad alot

i read all the responses on here andi have to swing both ways on this one ladies have it bad and guys have it bad my thinking is ladies look for a guy that can provide but also has the looks ex:a person at where i work she is a young person but very spoiled she told me she spends tons of money on clothes and wheres them once then into the closet problem here is she only dates a new car every year kinda guy but when the money is gone she gone.She met a guy that had it straight in the head ya know pay the bills and whats left put in the bank and maybe spend a night on the towm instant dump . Now for the guys most of us lack the term good looking women are NOT objects around our arms hence a good buddy of mine can get any woman he wants but treats them like an object when he getsa dumped he greives for about 2 days then moves on. Then there people who are looking but ony find the remainders of both areas and well get all the backlash from it all so i say i would rather stay single till people relize what they are doing and have fun :D


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Dec 6, 2004
One of the biggest problems in relationships is getting let down too many times by ones partner causes the other one to loose that drive to put extra effort into the relationship.

Getting let down is a natural consequence of being human. Learing to understand what happened, adjust and accept is all part of maturity and can lead to builing relationships and not going the other way.

It is human nature when someone (partner or otherwise) tells a reasonably optomistic person something they construct and store the information in its best possible light. Then as time passes new additional information surfaces that brings more clarity and causes the person that had stored the 'information in its best possible light' to feel let down. In a friendship relationship this can happen in a frequency proportional to the number of visits each has with the other but in a marriage (or equivalent) because you spend so much time together the frequency is much greater and thus the frustration level would be greater than with other comparable persons such as friends whom you see less often and therefore forgive more acceptingly.

One simple example is the one first started in this thread about house chores. If you tell your partner that you will have that new Ikea stuff set up by the end of the day it usually is because you optomistically believe that to be true. She stores that information in its best light possible which may be you may get it set up by dinner and mayby even invites her friend over in advance to see her new prize believing that you would have it set up. Even if your plans don't come unraveled because the kids needed a ride to practice or something and the phone rang once or twice too often or the lawn mower did not work right causing you to spend longer at that chore than intended or FOR JUST ONCE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND BECAUSE YOU WERE TIRED or any other possibility it may actually take longer than you anticipated to do the task itself.

Probably the first several times things did not work out to your partners optomistic/reasonable expectations she/he will forgive you. But after a while and many examples they begin to become frustrated. Their treatment of you will reflect their frustration further feeding the worsening relationship.

Coming back to the point - don't set yourself up for frustration. Be generously reasonable in your expectations and when you are frustrated go back and be even more generous and when that does not work go back again and again and try to be more reasonable. That is one thing that makes relationships work! When both do the same the reltionship builds. If he/she was good enough to marry the relationship, if properly cultrureed in reasonableness, can flourish or if not alternativly perish!