Massage Therapy Aroma

Some Asian at Lotus again.


I like to poon.
Oct 29, 2002
I tell you I don't mind the quickies. Have a habit of just popping in and just asking for a HJ. Just outright. "I would like a HJ" It's kind of a rush. Say it with me now.

Anyway. Asian place with a ghetto feel to it. It's good VFM if your into just a quick tug. Sometimes I like the long, deep massage but other times I just need a tug.

Last one had decent size funbags I got to play with so for $40 it can't be beat. Play with titties get your johnson rubbed.

It gets 2 thumbs up for me.

It doesn't get that from me if you pay the door rate and lie through the massage.

Anyway I am SlimShady.
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