SIREN (SVIP) Plows the Plow!


Dec 7, 2005
“Wow” I thought to myself, “I did it again!”. In less than a week I managed to make first Mini Barbie and now Siren, fall desperately in love with me. I thought back to Sirens greeting just inside the door of Sweet VIPs. I recalled how her initial placeholder smile of salutation was instantly converted into a look of primal uncontrollable desire as I drew closer.

Then it dawned on me, the cause of her indomitable sensual cravings....

Prior to my departure this morning, I splashed on the greatest aphrodisiac known to humankind....

This diabolical love potion has been slowly fermenting in its glass prison since the mid 1970s, insidiously becoming stronger in potency with each passing decade.

Then I released it.... poor Siren, she did not stand a chance.

Aggressively pulling me by the hand, she let me through the incalls hallway, occasionally looking back at me with a feral, hungry look. Upon entering the room she closed the door, then pounced upon me. The next 1.5 hours were a blur as she proceeded to wield my tool as her own personal sexual implement.

At first I asked her if we could talk for a while... maybe even cuddle a bit. This attempt to dam the inevitable tsunami of her desire failed miserable. Siren kissed me with the desperate passion of a condemned woman, all the while groping at my sex, priming it for her various oracifes.

Surprisingly, having your spleen sucked through your penis is actually far more pleasurable then it sounds.

When she had sated her oral fixation she decided it was time to mount me. I tried to gently hug her (in an attempt to slow her down). Trust me, Siren is extremely proficient in a particular type of martial arts that counter-acts any effort to restrain her. Siren rode me harder then Willie Shoemaker on the final stretch, greedily extracting every bit of pleasure my body would provide her. Like a blow-up-doll, she manipulated me into various positions (all in an effort to maximize the level of her carnal satisfaction). Thoroughly pounded, I felt like Rocky Balboa after his first fight against Clubber Lang.

When it was all over I told her I felt dirty (so very, very dirty). She threw me a warm, wet facecloth and informed me she was done with me.

I felt so used (so WONDERFULLY used!).

Having learned my lesson, I stopped off at a drugstore and picked up an eye dropper. This way I can carefully mete out future doses of Hai Karate.


Siren looks better than ever as her extensive daily workout regimen has definitely paid dividends. She features even more shapely haunches and has a wonderfully tapered swimmers physique. I am not making excuses or anything but between this, her martial arts and those hypnotic blue/gray eyes, I never stood a chance.
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Apr 2, 2008
This really is an awesome review. I am not there myself but I can attest that what's in the review is all true! I haven't seen her since she came back from her trip but it is about time to catch up with her. She is fun, smart, witty, cool and super friendly, on top of all that is her perfect physique and beautfiul face. Then sprinke on some awesome bedroom skills. Perfection!


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Nov 12, 2016
I am looking forward to round #2. I was not as graphic in my recent review. The analogy of Siren as a jockey riding hard to the finish is accurate. I remember her inching closer to the top of the head board so that she could anchor into it. Then she went into warp speed. Be prepared to be consumed.


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Mar 8, 2009
Can anyone please give me info on how much extras are at SVIP? (Or any other agency)
Been to SVIP a few times but bbj was included back then. I want to set me expectations and avoid disappointment. PM if needed :)


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Mar 8, 2009
Thanks for the info. So basically prices have gone from 180 to 320 in a couple of years :D


Jun 7, 2016
You can get a half-hour special including two extras for $240. I think there was a better deal earlier this year, maybe 240 for 45 minutes, not sure. Another thing about SVIPS is their C-note coupons, that let you buy, for example, $600 worth of services for $500. That can save a few bucks, but no-one this hobby was cheap.


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Mar 8, 2009
I didn't say it was too expensive :laugh: and I know not everyone wants 100 for that. Just funny how things have changed. :)


Jul 15, 2008
VIPS rates are and always have been set by each girl (true most are at 220 and these have been the rates for the majority of the ladies since we opened 9 years ago)
XXX-tras are and always have been $100 for the first item and $50 for subsequent items - although again each girl is able to set her own rates and xxx-tras,
they have never been lower than this (although some have charged more for things like Greek etc).

In the beginning of 2017 we did launch a few new promos that have been a big hit with the clients and ladies at VIPS - The PSE promo which includes the ladies regular GFE menu,
as well as two items off their XXX-tras list as an all-inclusive option :

15min BBBJ/COB only : $120
30min : $240
90min : $420

Of course we also do have C-Notes which equal substantial savings (17$ on every $100 spent), but can only be used on GFE sessions.

Hope this helps clear up an questions / confusion about the rates / services at VIPS.

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Jul 22, 2010
MrPlow!!!! Thanks for the great rest review. siren was a great holiday gift to myself. Fit and fine and fun. She may have gotten the contagious enthusiasm from you but I hope to catch that also. Cheers brother.
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