The Raquel Rose



Mar 2, 2003
Saw Lori once, gorgeous girl, big fake boobs and a nice body to match, but service was medicore and expensive.

Paige, nice looking girl, medium build, service also poor.

Mercedes, good looking petite brunette, slim, small chest, great massage, but menu extremely limited.

Heard they were moving soon (lease is up), but not sure if they have yet, or where the new location will be.

Rich Kuntz

May 30, 2003
World Capital of Wrestling
I stopped by late last night. Saw a girl named Leigh (Lee?). We traded massages and did the ol' bj. She was really pretty, blonde, but her body had seen better days (30's with a kid). Overall experience was very positive and I am looking forward to going back. It was the nicest place I've been to yet.

Here's the funny part. I only paid for the 1/2 hour because it was late and we never chatted about money again. We relaxed and had a nice time I wasn't clockwatching but I was there over an hour, easy. She really enjoyed her massage. Service was long, slow, with a little body rubbing for good measure. She had a shower while I got dressed. We were on our way to the door before I finally asked about the tip. She asked me what I usually paid so I gave her more than I normally would have because of that. What a sweetie.

If you're in your rookie season like I am I think this is the kind of experience you might be looking for.

It would be very sad if that placed closed.
Pink Cherry