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SH Spa (FS)visit


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Jan 11, 2024
Fantasy Island
Good Day ..

SH Spa .. easy to contact .. Location is in Esq .. You can always park in the close by whole sale club .. the spa is located with other shops in a little mall sort of

I was walkin home .. I was horny , and I also wanted to enjoy some DATY .. Then I realized SH Spa was right around the corner .. They advertise walk ins ..
So i tossed them a quick text and had a 30min FS massage set up .. one eighty for a half if you are wondering ..

I arrived 10minutes later .. walked in .. I was greeted by an attractive Asian girl .. She lead me to a room .. we discussed our appointment .. I have no idea what her name is .. i didn't ask at the time
I paid her .. I undressed while she was out of the room & got comfortable ..

When she came back in I mentioned that i was`nt here for the massage .. She just smiled .. undressed .. nice body .. awesome nipples .. and away we go

Her CBJ was good .. but i was there for DATY & getting laid .. DATY was good .. She was very responsive .. I Took all the clues and brought her to an intense orgasm
I am assuming She was very happy with that orgasm .. as when i was done DATY .. She jumped off the table .. did a little happy dance with a big ass kool-aid smile before positioning herself for FS
FS was great .. a couple of postions later i finished ..

All in all i was completly satisfied with my 1st spur of the moment visit to SH Spa .. Sorry i dont have a name for ya`s but i just wanted to get laid and eat some pussy ..
That goal was accomplished .. I went home happy
Will i repeat with SH Spa .. yep that i will

Cheers mates


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Aug 9, 2019
If i'm correct, they only have 2 girls for now. So, won't be to hard to find out which one! :)

Great review my friend. Happy to see that you had a great time


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Sep 9, 2019
Anyone toftt on 3 new names? Ladt time I was there it was a short auntie going under multiple names
Ashley Madison
Vancouver Escorts