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Sephra Grace
Jan 25, 2021
Vancouver, Canada
sephra grace


When was the last time a woman stopped you dead in your tracks?

You feel your heart race as you caress her flowing form with your gaze, wondering what it would be like to feel her supple, radiant skin underneath your own.
You imagine her scent – soft, gourmand, a hint of floral – intoxicating you as her pillowy lips graze the nook of your neck.

This ethereal creature glides past and you yearn to cry out, yet, you wouldn't dare.
A fire burns within as you lustfully dream about this woman whom, perhaps in another lifetime, could make you feel alive...

What if I were to tell you that you needn't rely on fantasy?
That your deepest, hedonistic desires could be fulfilled, that a moment with this lush, angelic being was within reach?

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 2.22.08 PM.png

I'm Sephra.

My utmost desire is to make you feel alive again.
If haste, shallow encounters have left you feeling unsatisfied, I am the woman you seek.

Ultra-feminine and sophisticated in every sense, I delight in creating a warm, intoxicating atmosphere where we can mutually explore our deepest desires.
You'll find me to be genuine, elegant, and intuitive. I am overflowing with love and dripping with sensuality.

You can trust in me to provide a truly elevated experience. Affection, eroticism, and romance are my specialty.
Nothing excites me more than being in the company of a refined gentleman, losing ourselves in stimulating conversation and moments of passion.
I crave these connections, exploring the depths of each others minds, bodies, and souls.

Let me wrap you in my arms and melt your stress away. Darling, you deserve to be taken care of.

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I am an exceptionally low-volume companion.
As such, I prefer longer engagements and you will notice that my rates are skewed in favour of these.
Intimacy is vital for an out-of-this world experience, so let’s take our time exploring one another.

I’m a gracious host and would love to meet you at my private downtown condo when available.
Your 4+ star hotel is another preferred option. Outcalls to Downtown Vancouver hotels are always complementary.

Kindly note that all bookings require a 20% deposit.

Sweet Introductions

1.5 hours – 800
2 hours – 1000
3 hours – 1300
4 hours – 1600

Blissful Escapes

6 hours – 2200
overnight –4000
24 hours – 5000
48 hours – 8000

+3000 for each additional day

I offer you a first-class experience with my undivided attention during our time together.
Whatever else unfolds will be solely dependent on our chemistry, which only tends to build as we get to know each other!

You will find me to be a deeply passionate, sensual, romantic, and open-minded individual.
Our connection and comfort is my priority – if you are simply seeking a list of acronyms, we may not be a match.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 2.30.10 PM.png


All inquiries must be directed through the contact form on my website.
There, you can find detailed screening information and answers to all of your burning questions.

Appointments of longer durations are prioritized. I'd like to get to know you and let our chemistry build!

A great deal of thought and care is put into each experience.
As such, kindly note that I rarely accept same-day appointments.

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