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Seoul is on fire??


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Jan 4, 2003
Can any body tell me what happened to Seoul massage ?

I called this morning in order to make sure they're open,but the
lady picked up the phone said that the place was on fire that night before!!!
Is there other location that they keep running the business?
Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
Seoul never changes their sheets!

Seoul on fire? Say it ain't so! I can't stop laughing, even though I believe you.

At every "other" MP that I've gone to, the SP goes through the before/after ritual of bringing in/changing the towels and sheets (unless they are prestocked and prechanged).

But at Seoul, the SP at most brings in one and only one body towel. The sheet on the mattress, uh...is probably the one that we have all used...think back guys...did we see the SPs changing the mattress sheets before/after or was it just bring in/out a body towel while the SP zips up/down the stairs.

The mattress sheets have become toxic and flammable with the body grease and other fluids. No wonder Seoul was on fire!

This place is too surreal. Whoa in front of a downtown bus stop, Smoking door-man, the deadbolt door, Japanese sandals, 45 year old Pinky looking like Jabba the Slut reclining on the couch, girls behind the let's make a deal curtain, that darn shower attachment that won't get a steady stream of warm water, wow classic old style hard wood floors, mattress but no box-spring, a candle has more light - who stuck a mood light bulb into the lamp?

Still a memorable place. Heeheehee.

Man, I gotta try out BEX, hopefully they change the sheets on their tables.



Rome can't be built in one day...but...

Can't Seoul be built (at another flophouse) in one day?

Just rent a house...say next door...No need for new directions.
How many showers do you need?
Let's say...ONE! A real no-brainer...the old customers put up with it.
Flop a handful of mattresses, no boxsprings, onto the floor.
No need to install sinks, mirrors, tables, or towels, or sheets.

The most time-consuming thing is probably to install the double-sided dead bolt.

Seoul wasn't exactly "renovation/plumbing" intensive.

Pinky keeps answering the phone.
She doesn't even sound traumatized, just her usual giggling / curt self.

This place is so surreal, it feels like a David Lynch brothel.


expo joe

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Nov 29, 2002

Don't worry about BEX, it's clean! I've been there on several occasions and each time they have had at least two plastic (the types wrapped by a commercial laundry company) wrapped clean bath towels for client's usage on top of the clean towel laid on the real massage table (yes, the one where most of us would be hesitant on putting our faces into the head rest!). I think BEX is set up this way so that just in case they get a REAL client for a facial treatment (not the facials you're thinking of...) or massage, they can accomodate them. All the individual rooms have relatively clean showers thus, maintaining privacy!! Overall, a pretty good value compared to Seoul!! IMHO


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Oct 30, 2002
I work near Seoul an it was no small fire, the place looks like it was firebombed.

The front Door and windows got plywood covering them an the doorway an windows look like they've suffered a lot of smoke damage.



Big Trapper

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May 13, 2002
Not Quite!

In the case of a fire you let yourself out the nearest window with the first large heavy object that you can find - failing that, a well placed boot.


Nov 22, 2002
I phoned Seoul. Apparently the new and improved version will open this Friday!

The first girl that answered they're phone didn't speak a word of english. Pinky actually phoned me back.

hmmm.....perhaps I should block my cell # from displaying in the future.......