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Selina of VE rev.


Nov 3, 2002
Saw Selina a couple of days ago at Victoria's Eden. She has a great slim body with a perfectly shaved mound, I was very pleased with my choice. She's friendly and open-minded. No DFK or greek though.
She didn't start with one of those lame massages thankfully, she jumped right into the action which was exactly what I was looking for. Good CBJ with short bouts of deepthroat on my gigantic 6" member. This was followed by some DATY/O and multiple positions. I don't usually dine but she was so smooth and fresh I couldn't help but dive in. I could have stayed down there all day...
I will definately repeat with this one, I just love her waifish figure and that perfect shave job. She has probably had a kid so the boobs are a little saggy but the nips are hard and suckable. Another poster said she talked too much; she is chatty but not annoyingly so. Methinks it's better to be friendly and talkative than sullen and bitter.

This is the first time I've been to VE and I think I've found an agency and locale I will be comfortable revisiting. Its a newer condo that has easy ingress/egress and it's clean and bright inside. When we were done the girl even changed the sheets which is more than some of the other incalls do.

VE offers an amazing 20 min. daytime special of $80 which I will be sure to take advantage of. (pandora, here I come!!)


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Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
Maybe not so special - Once you do the math . . .

VE's $80/20 minute special works out to $4/minute

Comparison of other local agency 30 min specials are as follows:

S.U. - $110/30 min or $3.67/min or earlybird special @ $100/30 min or 3.33/min

I.B. - $110/30 min or $3.67/min. I.B. currently advertising daytime & internet specials with $10 discount, so am presuming a match to S.U. earlybird special

Chantelle's at $140/60 min or $2.33/min appears to be best going rate.

Good marketing ploy by Luscious - Sounds good until one does the math! lol . . . then again beauty and value are in the eye of the beholder . . . :)
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Fair is fair

Now now Maude, posting early in the morning is no reason to lose your sense of what's fair.....
You forgot to calculate the rest of VE's prices:
1/2 hour @ $110 = $3.67 per minute
1 hour @ $150 = $2.50 per minute
Like any other business, the more you purchase the less inexpensive it becomes. And I assure you that ANY time spent with a Victoria's Eden lady is "special" ;)


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Jun 24, 2002
Beach Front - Argentina

It is $80 for a twenty minutes piece of heaven with some young hottie! Sounds like great value. Although when you look at it in minutes it is a higher rate. In the end it is a SWEET deal for FS with a hottie!

In my book that rates a full thumbs up in the value department!

You Victoria guys are sooooooo spoiled! ;)~

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May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
Victoria's rates are pretty reasonable and hasnt seen any price increases for a decade? If anyone can remember paying less then $150 per hour, I'd like to know when that was.

In fact, I think average prices have rolled back slightly. (Penthouse closed and Tawny retired)

The only place less expensive that I know of is Montreal where several agencies list $120 & 140 /hr for outcall. Its peculiar to note that the French agencies are cheaper then the Anglo ones but the Francophone agencies have hotter women.
Apr 11, 2003
Mmm...makes you wanna go to Quebec, doesn't it? (120/140 for outs?). Plus, for some reason Francophone women seem to ooze sexuality running through their veins...


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Apr 4, 2003
No Asian AMP in Victoria?

Is there still no Asian MP in Victoria? Could wipe out the competition. Hamster needed an investment vehicle, better a Victoria AMP then a Vancouver Cloud 9.


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Feb 11, 2003
What kind of Asians?

Could Tawny speak fluent Asian or was she a monolingual banana Asian? Not that it affected her legendary reputation, but just wondering.

Just curious why there are so few Asian providers in Victoria. Vancouver is crawling with them, although highly concentrated in AMPs.