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Selina of Manhattan Men's Club-- Review


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Nov 1, 2004
I don't live in Edmonton, but Selina and another girl were in my city to dance a couple of stags. I learned of this from one of my regular SPs, who was lending them her studio for two nights. Selina arrived 45 minutes late, but it was because they got lost driving in a strange city. When she walked into the room, I was blown away by her aura of sensuality. Every move, every curve, every syllable was extraordinary. This girl is gorgeous.
Selina is not strictly African American, but a delicious mixture, with cappuccino color, silken skin, eyes to drown in. I asked her, "Is there anything about you that isn't perfect?" She hugged me and a giggle rolled over my shoulder. Her below-shoulder hair is not as shown in the photo; she's had it done in tight braids -- very very sexy. Wearing (for about 4 minutes) a skintight black babydoll, she rubbed against me and said, "Sorry I was late." I wasn't sorry! Selina was worth waiting for! I won't kiss and tell, but her body slide was otherworldly. Her CBJ was PSE. Her body was all over me and I was dizzy with delight. Mish, CG, 69, a full menu (but no kissing--tragically, for me). Lots of eye contact, sighs, groans, and erotic movements. The second-most gorgeous ass I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (Vancouver's Sugar wins the gold). I am a much older guy than the average TERB contributor, so I don't go in determined to be a stud. Those days, unfortunately, are gone. But I think I get as much pleasure being in the company of a beautiful, intelligent, imaginative, and magnetic woman like Selina as I did from the tear-the-bed-apart nights of my twenties and thirties. Thank you, Selina, for searing yourself into my memory. Even my nerved endings remember you.