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Selena Moore


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Jun 20, 2002
I was able to get in touch by e-mail with Selena Moore last week and arranged a get together with her. She has been away from the business for a while with a personal problem (no she wasn't pregnant, or had anything communicable.) If she wants to tell you why, it is up to her.

I was her first visit with anyone in over three months, so she was a bit nervous, but settled down after a couple of drinks and some mangos and strawberries (some of her favourite foods).

She has changed a bit, but all to the better. For those of you who have had the pleasure of being with Selena, she is still boisterous … my apologies to my neighbours! She is a GFE but YMMV. If you are lucky enough to have a SSA (Selena Smooch Attack) you will be one happy man.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, Selena Moore is 5’6” but with heals goes to 6’, long dark hair, big dark eyes with a medium complexion (Italian, East Indian type) The pix on her website are accurate. The number on her website should be changed, but it is easier to contact her by e-mail.

I for one am glad that she is back, even though she said she would be spending a fair bit of time in Vancouver.


May 26, 2002
She is sure is beautiful and very sexy too, with those big brown eyes and golden skin.

I am glad she's back in the business
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