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Seduction's new location

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May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
I forgot to mention that SU's new location is very cool but a little hard to find if you dont know what to look for. Its a funky converted brick building with a brick arch on the doorway. Look for the glass door and at night their is a set of purple lights going upstairs.

Inside, the decor is very chic and urbane. Ingress and egress are very discreet.

Suggestion for Vikki....How about hiring a female bathroom attendant to powder my nuts aftewards? bwhahaha!


Jul 23, 2002
The left coast
With you on the location Hip. Lots of discreet parking, close to everything, a very discreet entrance, generally a nice setup. About the only improvements I could suggest would be more soundproofing for the rooms, and in-room showers.


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Feb 23, 2003
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If street parking is available, there is Chatham, with no parking meters. If there isn't street parking, visitors may want to consider parking at Paul's Motor Inn which is just across the street pretty much. The street number is clearly marked on the glass door for easy availability during the daytime and the glowing purple string of lights is a cute touch and easy to spot at night. A couple times on exiting I have bumped into one of the gals arriving. Not sure if there is an official driver but saw the same car twice with two different gals. God I envy his job!
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