Second duo with Jezebl Rei and Sephra Grace

Aug 27, 2022
I was on X(twitter) when I noticed that Sephra was back in Vancouver and booking duo sessions with Jezebl, I reached out to both of them and was offered a two hour session with them, which included sph with photography, crossdressing, bondage and facesitting.

After a few emails we, confirmed the dates, time and interests

the day comes, I get the buzzer code to the apartment. I get up stairs and I'm greeted by the two lovely faces. I'm offered a seat and some water, while both women sat in between me, Jezebel asks me whats new? I tell them about my massage parlour adventures and how I just started wearing a chastity belt, which Jezebel asks if it was a belt or cage, I confirm it was a chastity cage. Which prompted more questions such as what got me into them, how long I've been wearing them, how the girls in the massage parlours reacted to them, I briefly told them about my experiences and my discovery of auto ejaculation especially while wearing the cage and mentioned I was wearing one during the session

Both women excitedly ask me to show them the cage, I was about to unbutton my jeans while seated when Jezebel told me to stand up so they could get a better view, I happy oblige as I unbutton my jeans and drop them down they both cooed and the metal chastity cage.

Jezebel explained to Sephra the purpose of a chastity cage and Sephra showed excitement said she liked the idea of it. They both asked me about comfort and why I chose metal, in short I told them I had a plastic one and it was okay, I preferred the metal one because it looks and feels better. After the little show I pulled up my panties only for them to remark how cute they were and where I bought them.

After answering them, I was given the same instructions as the previous session, to get into the shower and if I'm not clean enough I'll be sent back to the shower.

So after a very thorough shower and walking into the living room naked, I was collared and then asked to help Mistress Jezebel to zip up her shoes for her and then for Mistress Sephra

I was asked if I wanted to remove the chastity it keeping it on, (for safety reasons keeping it on ment I'd have to give up ballbusting). I said its up to them as I'm okay with their decision. So they let me wear the cage as they begin to do sph, Jezebel was trying to find right angles to take pictures while Sephra's hands holding objects next to my dick for comparison, Sephra was so imaginative and quick thinking made this sph photoshoot so much more fun as found many small objects next to my lil indian dick, such as chapstick,jewel, and make up, even Jezebel was surprised.

After the comparison they had me wearing an open crotch lingerie while Sephra was directing me to pose, at one time Sephra asked me to do a strip tese to the camera as she showed me an example of how to; as she dropped her panties, I saw her beautiful pussy, I want to drop to my knees and lick her right then and there!

After the teasing they brought me into bed and wanted to see me auto ejaculate so they talked about a hot scenario that we discussed about cuckolding that made my heavy metal cage twitch a couple of times which didn't go unnoticed, also relieved that I didn't cum was afraid the session would be over so instead I found my self bound to the bed with me beggin Sephra to put her beautiful pussy in my face and how much I needed to orally please her, as she teased her cute little brown ass above my face, I admit I also wanted to kiss her curvy little ass too.

Once she agreed that I begged her well enough, I went straight to town, I did everything I could to make her squeal in pleasure before Jezebl wanted her turn, she was covered, sadly couldn't get a taste of her but I understand its her right it was kind of rough against my tongue on the fabric of her panties, but I loved trying to orally pleasure her anyways after some time Sephra teasing me with her cute ass again dangling above my face, looking so kissable(me wishing I had asked to kiss her cute ass) afterwards the session was over with my lying in bed with two beautiful women while we talked about the session and how the next season could be a cuckolding session with Sephra with her bull while Jezebel whispering hot humiliating things in my ears. I agreed that it sounded really hot to me and would consider it for the next session.

Sephra's rate: $1500

Jezebels rate: $1200
Would I repeat? Even though it was a bit on the expensive side, I'd be crazy not too! This duo is one of the best tailor made session I've been to, lots of honesty, friendly bante
r and good communication
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