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searching for info on international travel holidays ...


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Jul 13, 2002
just wondering, i've heard alot of info about people who travel to locations like cuba for a week or so of female companionship...just wondering if someone can send over some pointers or more information on it, i'd appreciate it...(having never done it before).

Also, sounds like a myth to me, but figured its worth asking, some say you can pay for your holiday by bringing back cigars? isn't the limit 2 boxes for canada though??? thanks for the response in advance :)

P.S if you'd prefer to email or something drop me a line or leave me your address and what not...

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Oct 21, 2002
the limit is 50 sticks I think...and depends on what you do not save as much on Cohibas as you may with other good cuban cigars...hlaf proce for the prior and more for others...dotn think 50 stciks will get you that far...but you can subsidize your trip a bit


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Nov 6, 2002
Germany / Westfalia
.... just to give some informations back to you all.

Hi Justsomeone,

the time to get some fun only for the benefit of some importet cigarrs is long ago ....., but actually you can have a lot of fun in Cuba .....but they learned there how economy runs .....

Just for "your nice blue eyes" and some cigarrs it didn't work anymore.

It is better if you speak some spanish, because most of the girls only speak few english.

In general you have to opportunities:

1) Private girls who just want to have some fun and little money
plus drinks and dinner and so on ......, you can find them in more or less every place ......, if you speak spanish.....

2) More professionels, you can meet a all touristic places

I am not a Cuba specialist, I've only been there two times strictly for business.

One point is very important: You have to point out very clear that you are a canadian and not from USA, because your neighbours are not soooo popular there ....., because the cubans are, beyond all aspects of politics, very proud of their country.

You can look to the following links to get more information. These are german boards ( with same structure like here to navigate and sign in). Of course they are in german, but it is no problem to ask a question in english, for sure you will get a answer in english.

But you have to name the things you are looking for, not like here with the special codes for some "services" like travelling to greek..... ( english version, too) only in german, but with international links in english, but not so actual german, look to "Linkliste int" = international links. The links cover all over the world, including Cuba (Kuba), with boards and linklists. german board, covering Germany and the world

may be some links ask for a AVS ( age verifying system)....., the german ü 18 you can't use, but x-check will work too.
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