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Scary Situations


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Oct 17, 2003

In my years of pooning, I have had a few nasty encounters that have scared the willies out of me. If I hadn't been so horny, I would have become a priest or celebate leaving pooning well behind me.

I remember that there was this time, several years ago, I met a very pretty french girl who I took back to my apartment (I know a bad choice..but I was young and foolish then) and she and I had planned to have a bath together, some fun in the sack and then I'd drop her off at her location where I met her.

Well she fell asleep (accidentally) in my arms ( she was very tired from working so hard before I met her that night )in bed and not wanting to wake her up (enjoying her company) she slept with me until 4 AM. She woke up and asked me to drive her back and asked for more $$ since she had spent more time with me. I said, you slept.. nothing more.. and the time we had together prior to her sleep was well paid for.

Well... I dropped her off... and about 45 minutes later ..still in the night, I heard this knocking at my door..and I opened my apartment door and its her pleading for some more $$ again. When I said no and asked her to leave, her big nasty pimp came raging around the corner and tried to force his way into my apartment door. It took all my strength to close the door and support it being closed with a nearby chair. He started to yell and bang on my door.. (imagine what my neighbours thought) and I was scared for my life..thinking he would break down the door.

I called the police and they dispatched a car to my place ..in about 10 minutes all was quiet outside my door so I ventured out thinking they had them under arrest... and they did...BUT.. they also arrested me and took us all (in separate cars) to the station.
After an hour being alone in a holding room, the detective came in and advised me I could go home. I never learned if they charged the pair or what happened.

Needless to say, I never brought a girl back to my home.

Now, ALL of us have had scary situations... both the guys and the girls... and if we share these experiences, maybe we can learn from each other (especially the new guys on PERB) what not to do... so how about sharing your scary story with us.. and help us all be wiser in this hobby of ours!



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Jul 21, 2003
Your place or mine?
I've had outcalls and an SP at my place many times...but havn't had this happen to me. I guess you really have to trust the sp before you can invite her to your place. Yeah that must have been scary SC, glad you got out of it with your balls in tact as it could've been worse. I Can't say I've had any bad experiences yet since my pooning career just started.


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Oct 17, 2003
Poseidon said:
I Can't say I've had any bad experiences yet since my pooning career just started.
Zero "scary situations" is the goal and it's great you've had none to date!!

In order to keep it that way, I posted this thread hoping that others in the hobby will post their experiences to ensure all of us stay safe!



Feb 23, 2003
scary movie 4

My god, Sanity and squirell take the prize for most scary encounter. I thought I had scary experiences (I only got ripped off), but cops, guns.....that is the scariest.

Well, my horror stories are nothing in comparision to the ones above. The closest I have gotten was a mid-track SW from a few years ago. Went back to her place for an ok session. When done, she asked if I could drop her and her guy friend off nearby to grab a bite to eat. Being a nice guy, I thought, why not? So then the guy walks in from another room (didn't even know he was in the apartment!) and he look like the unibomber (long hair, beard, looks like he was in the woods for weeks), very, very scary looking. I told her that I had to go and the deal was off and she freaked. She started swearing at home and almost didn't let me leave. She started to kick things around and was physcially in my face. But I managed to make it out the door and hope that she didn't follow me to my car. She gave me a few more yells and kicked the door shut. She was pissed, but I made it out of there.


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Oct 19, 2002
Scary Stories...

The squirrel walks away from the perbertian campfire... suddenly there is a rustling in the bushes behind the group...

The perberts whirl around...

And what do they behold...


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May 19, 2002
Funny I was just thinking of starting a similar thread about "wierd" encounters. I've been fortunate about "bad" encounters ... but one sticks in my mind as having potential tragic results ...

A few years ago I had a favourite SW that I saw on a regular basis. (1-3 times/month - for a couple years).

One night I pick her up and head back to her place (a normal occurance). She's her regular cheerfull self, flirty and sweet. Once at her place, we take care of the "business" and she walks over to her dresser.

She turns around and has a freakin knife ! (6-8 inch blade) She starts screaming at me , calling me every name in the book ! Needless to say I'm slowing backing towards the door, never taking my eyes off her (and her hands), I try calming her down (no luck there - she had snapped). I manage to make it out of her suite without a confronation (other than her verbal assault).

I ended up phoning LE about this (they knew her) ..... the next guy might not have been as cool headed as me.

Just goes to show you can never let your guard down (SP's or Clients) ... even "regulars" can change their tune, especially if they have issues (chemical or otherwise).

play safe,


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Oct 17, 2003
Re: Good Bye Beautiful Squirrel...

~Alexandria~ said:

People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for..."

"They don't find it," I answered.

"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."

"Of course," I answered.

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart."

"Good bye" said the flower

My favourite book for it has so many lessons for me every year!

"What is essential is invisable to the eye"



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Oct 11, 2002
not as baaad

I must admit to being embarrassed about writing about this one. I probably should have written sooner to educate newbies like myself. I picked up a sw, first and last time, and we went to her place. Nasty hole in the whole apt. We took care of the business end, and wholla, she turned into this pyscho woman. Had to go to the bathroom, stayed for like 20 minutes. Went to the apt next door for a "sec" I guess she thought I would have left by then, but I was there when she got back. I wanted my "nut" or my money back.

To make a long story short, she refused service, and then called for "bruno" or whatever his f.. name was. He politely asked me to leave, I told him to mind his own business. Turns out he was quite cool about it, told me it wasn't gonna happen, and chalk it up to experience. Seeing as I was ready for a confrontation, I was sorta shocked about how he kept his cool.

Anyhow, stay away from sw. Pay attention to the questions they ask you, as I think this is how I was chosen to get ripped off. She had asked me where I was from, and when I stated I wasn't from the immediate area, I think my game was up.

Hope this helps.

Cock Throppled

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Oct 1, 2003
My tale goes back many years and is one reason I never deal on the street any more. I was on foot and picked up a girl around Main and 8th. She took me to a small, abandoned apartment on a side street. The place has been fixed up and is still there, but at that time was empty and looked like a set from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Did that stop me? She led me in a broken door and down the steps into a basement. No light, rubble everywhere and a bad smell. Did that stop me? She pushed her way into a back room and asked for the money. I was starting to get nervous, but complied and wanted to get the deed done. It was just to be a bj. Luckily the door was closed, but not locked and a few minutes later a loud banging on the door began and an angry voice started screaming about his girl friend and he knows we're in there and bad things are going to happen. This stopped me. Needless to say the mood was broken and I started to panic. Couldn't see any way out, there was no light, she started swearing and ran out leaving me there. Now what? The only way out was the way in. I had no choice but to go through the door and back up the stairs to leave. I picked up something for a make-shift weapon but was sure I was going to get robbed at the least and injured or killed at the worst. I decided to employ blow-fish defence and started st swear and scream and barged my way through the door. Luckily it was all a scam and they had both left with my money and no service. Now I was pissed. Instead of taking the loss and I started to patrol the area looking for her to get my money back. (I was not known for my smarts back then). About an hour later ( time for them to shoot up, I guess) I spotted her and started to harrass her about my money. Just then a police car pulled up and asked for details. I spilled my guts and the cop took me aside and kindly pointed out how lucky I had been to only lose the money. I saw his point, went on my way and changed my ways.

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Sep 8, 2003
Scary thing here is that one of you had a bad experience taking a lady to your place, another few at her place, one looked like it was a car theft in the making had it not been for, "I can run faster scared than you can mad".

Had a bad experience too once at "her" place. Was from a "Telepersonal type service" That's why I feel it best to stick with the ads, you may pay more but your life isn't worth a few bucks or the embarassment if you end up in the hospital with God know what kind of injuries. Explain THAT to the Mrs. Can't go into details as it would lead to recognition but I did go to the Police right away and they paid her a little visit and recovered my stolen items. She probably didn't count on me going to the cops. Once I was at her door with car keys in hand, I told her I was going straight there so just return my stuff and we'll forget I was ever here but she called my bluff. They brought her in and she must have been surprised as hell cuz it was about 3:00 AM when they dragged her in. Regardless as to how embarrassing it is however, I think it is imperative to go. Otherwise what's their deterrant. Gotta get the word out that we will not take it. Also not a bad idea for guys to have a back up person just like the ladies do.

Anyway...Glad everyone'e safe. DOn't you wish you could collect all the effen assholes and out them together on an island and let them screw (I mean as in rip-off) each other and leaves us alone. OOPS, was that missile REALLY pointed at that island and go off accidentally.
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