Scarlett obsessions on whyte 👎


Ass lover
Jun 6, 2010
I had walked in here months ago and had stayed with cinnamon cause I love a big ass and it was a great time so I thought I’d check this place out again.

I was greeted by Scarlett shes early 20s I thought she was hot. Her prices were very high. She said it’s 240 for 15 min of full service …. I asked how much is half hour she said 300$ . For me that’s steep. I can justify 300 for an hour but not half hour. However I stayed for half hour cause she had a nice ass.

when she came back in the room her attitude TOTALLY changed … she made no eye contact , didn’t say barely nothing, very complicated, won’t go on top, constantly kept checking the condom during sex. And rushed the session because I get to my car and got back10 min early . So I paid 300$ for 20 min.
I definitely got suckered in by her looks and ass. Definitely won’t return.
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