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Sagging breasts and childhood


jus call me MR. President
Mar 25, 2003
Hey just wondering if anyone knows...

Is it always the case that women get sagging breasts as a result of giving birth? Or is it as a result of breast feeding? Or is it the result of the breast pump? Or is it as a result of taking that pill the doctors give the woman to make their milk go away after the child has had enough of it?

When I was at the Number 5 Orange two months ago, I went upstairs with a stripper to do a lap dance. She had the nicest plump breasts and not saggy in the least. When I put a nipple in my mouth and sucked, a ton of sweet milk came out!!!! She let me have a meal as i kept paying for more dances. She told me she's had a kid over a year and a half ago and did not bother taking the pill to make the milk go away. She said she liked her new breast size very much. Maybe it was her youth (22 or so) but I found it astonishing her breasts were not hanging.

Anyone have any experience with what causes breasts to sag??

mr. reisling

Feb 26, 2003
Hey I am coming down to Van in the next few weeks and was wondering are they still lapdancing at No 5?? Could be nice to get me in the mood for some quality sps?? Anybody got any info.?? Or a better bar in the downtown area?? I dont want to be out in New west. Thanks Guys!!!