Rotten Renee


The Drone
May 12, 2002
I am sure this has happened to most pooners out there, but as it is very annoying I must post.

Last week (Tuesday)I phoned Renee from localescorts to set up an evening appointment for the same day(10:00PM). She said that that time would be fine, and that I should phone at 9:30 to confirm. I plan my evening around this visit, I phone at 9:30, and you know the story, something personal has come up, I have to cancel. Major piss off. I figure I am ready for action, so I decide to call my to do list favorites from the net, buy and sell, and the Westender. No luck here, as the case is 90% of the time for a spur of the moment visit in the evening. Go home disappointed.

Yesterday I had a free evening, and I guess I am a gluten for punishment, I figured I would try Renee again. I phone in the afternoon to setup for 10:00PM, she says that is fine, phone at 9:30 to confirm. The whole time up to 9:30, I just have a feeling as to whats going to happen when I phone.

I do phone at 9:30, she answers the phone, same story, "something has come up, I will have to cancel, how is tommorrow?" As she is telling me this, I hear a couple of guys laughing it up in the background. Very unprofessional. I felt like telling her to F off, but being a gentleman, I said I would try again later. This time I will NOT try again.

I was lucky this time, and found a gem in Vancouver named Breanne, from the Westender. (Seperate review)

Anyways, I just absolutely hate it when I book an appointment with a SP, only to have them have 'something come up' when you phone to confirm.

That my two cents worth.


No Gunt
Oct 8, 2003
West Coast Of BC
Welcome to the Club, had the same thing happen twice by two diffrent girls. I do alot of homework and read alot of reviews these days. i wonder if you emailed her this link if she would smartin up. but then again she's wasted enough of your time already

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Sep 8, 2003
I can understand once

But for her to do that two days in a row is shitty, especially with the guys in the background.
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