Review Sandi Laine


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Apr 17, 2006
So, I saw Sandi Laine yesterday, mind you this is my first ever pooning experience. I had been hesistant and contemplating whether or not to go for it. My research led me to choose Sandi Laine.

I called her and set up a time for 4 in the afternoon yesterday, she was very pleasant over the phone and gave me a first time customer discount. I went to her yaletown apartment, paranoid, palms sweaty and still wondering if im making a mistake. Anyways, she greeted me at the door wearing a silver silk nightgown that went down just very shortly below her mid-section. She could tell i was nervous and a bit skeptical, but she made the whole experience a treat. The extra effort was very much appreciated. She grabbed me by the finger, and sat me down. Very good at relaxing me. Very soothing. As i got comfortable she offered me a drink, i politely declined. She sat in my lap we did DFK before she grabbed my hand and put in her pussy. The she proceedded with the BBBJ, boy can this woman hit the right spots. Next we went into her room, my penis in her pussy, mild strokes hitting her as her legs are wrapped around me. We land on the bed, i see a silk robe and ask her to put it on, we both wrap our selves in this robe and tie it as much as we can, where i proceed with some mish, and reverse mish (her on top). I blew my load, and we re still wrapped in the robe and do a little DFK before we go shower. Shower sex was great, very steam i cant even put it into words , far more sensual. After that, she let me actually shower, i left breathless.

L/a/s 9/10/10,, $280 for 1 hr.:p