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Jan 22, 2003
8 Looks- The reason that I only gave rylee an 8 in this category is that I am not much into big tits. But that is a personal preference. However other then that this is one hot sextual bundle of joy. gorgeous smile, twinkling eyes, that when she smiles so much they are only little slits, nice shapely ass, very nice legs, and a neatly trimmed carpet. Awwww at last some pubs to munch on, get stuck between the teeth and have one slide down and tickle your throat.

9 attitude- The attitude was one of sextuality with a touch of wickedness, and a little dash of an edge inside her. As soon as she opened her mouth to talk, and she spoke with that accent of hers, I was putty in her hands or her mouth. Just a huge turn on for me they way she put her words together, she has an impish and edgey sense of humor. She is smart, funny, witty and just plain hellish fun.

9 service- This is a lady that has few restrictions. I didnt ask to visit the greeks isles, because im not really interested in visiting there, however digits are allowed. She started the session by saying I have a surprise for you, whereas she proceeded to undress oil up her humongous dds and slipped my dick between them and i had my first experiance with russia. It was very nice and pleasant. awesome dfk, very responsive to daty and 69 (her on top and then me) liked cg and also mish. awesome experiance. Will I return? Is the pope catholic?:D


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Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
Hot times ....

On the ranch. To say the least, another terrific experience! And behind door #3 . . . ? lol


Oct 19, 2002
You too huh...

Nice review dittman...It's great to hear that I'm not the only one who melts over that accent of hers among other sigh...where's the phone..where's the phone..:p ;)