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Review: Raven @ E & R


Nov 6, 2002
I saw Raven for an hour full service at the Speed St. location.

She looks as advertised: tiny without an ounce of fat on her. She's an A- cup (just barely) and has pale white skin and long curly black hair. She's partially shaved on the landing pad. A few stretch marks from a kid-- barely noticable.

Demeanour is very sweet. Right off the bat she tells me that she will do "anything but Greek"; however, I noticed that kissing didn't seem to be offered.

Performance was above average. Massage was brief and unexpert. CBJ was pretty good. DATY quite alright. Any position that you like. My impression is that she's quite passive and if you ask for something, she's pretty unlikely to say no.

Definitely worth a try. Her look and personality are not my type but I can see how some guys might go nuts about her.

L/A/S 6/9/8

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