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Oct 17, 2003
Hello All,

Normally before I go out I do a bit of research here to help decide who I want to see, so far I have never went wrong. The minor problem with this is, that I see SPs that have been reviewed already, good for me bad for the board. After reading the fresh reviews by joblo I decided to try someplace completely new and just walk in.

First I was going to try Penthouse but I keep reading that they have a great lineup so it wouldnt make much of a difference. After checking out the Sun I decided on Kama Sutra. Says there is a new owner and girls so I thought I would give it a try.

I was greeted by Petra, I am guessing she is in her mid 20s very pretty with glasses and dark hair, and well dressed too. She had a smile on her face and seemed to be in a nice mood, good start. Once we got into the room we chatted a bit and I told her that I been to other places. She politely laid down the law of the dos and donts. I was like "oh oh" because this usually runs into a strictly business session with no fun. However I was quite wrong. I choosed a hot tub, she returned quickly another plus no long wait, man I hate those, just sitting there in a towel (new towels by the way :) ) She was very nice in the tub but a bit distance, probably because it was our first time so I made the move and started massaging her back, that broke the ice. All through the session and after the fun we had a nice conversation, maybe too much for some but I enjoyed it. Oh happy to say that she has a GREAT BODY all Natural and a fine ass it was fun watching her undress.

Moving on the massage was truly awsome. It was almost better than the fun, truly a treat. If your looking for a firm massage highly recommend. She took her time through the whole session, I was worried that I was going long but she didnt make any mention at all in fact during the fun after the massage she said " let me know when your ready." None of that " are you ready now? How about now?" crap. Wasnt rushed one bit. I dont go into details about the extras but she took her time, was patient, seemed really into it ( big plus for me) and it it went by way too quick, or maybe I was too quick lol.

She gave me the impression that she is smart and if you treat her nice and with respect she will do the same. Common sense if you ask me.

I really enjoyed the session, it was quite different for the other sessions, very relaxed and no pressure and well paced.

Well thats it for now....


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Aug 9, 2003
Thanks Niceguy31, your Review ...

stuck in my mind and steered me in the right direction last night. I stopped in to see Chrissy at Kama Sutra, she was Off but I was greeted by a very nice looking brunette in glasses wearing sharp clothing. BINGO went the BigMan (two eyes), this is NG31' s Petra. Time for a Newbie. As usual, LittleMan (one eye) was already impatient because [email protected] Sinderellas and [email protected] were not available due to earlier investigations. Normally when LittleMan is anxious, he convinces BigMan to do things that are a mistake. Not tonight (wink)!

Petra is exactly as described by NG31 and is worth getting to know. She has spent some time at Southside Studio and a few days at Paradise (thak God she got out of there). She enjoys working at Chrissy's Place and it shows. She is comfortable, makes you feel relaxed immediately and caters to your needs. She plays safe and has some restrictions, all of which are reasonable and beneficial in the long run. She comes from the Calgary MP scene (I did not hold that against her, LOL) and came to Edmonton because there was too much Vice Heat down South. Never thought the Cops did anything to help you, wrong again!

Bottom Line: Looks - 7, classy dresser with very nice body, pretty eyes and an intelligent provocative style. Attitude - 8, knows what to do, how to do it and why she is doing it. Fun and erotic talk at the same time. Great eye contact and attention to details. No looking away or shyness in this session. Service - 7. she likes the land of O and the Littleman appreciated her technique and the finish was quite good.

Thank you Petra and yes we will both be back to see you again.


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Nov 25, 2003
Hi Trawler,

Do you know if this is the same Petra from Calgary's "Retreat"? I believe she moved around quite a bit in Calgary as well.

I bumped into her a few years ago there and never did have a chance to get a session in.

The Petra I remember has kind of an "Alternative" look with funky Cateye glasses. Hoping it's the same one - although her reviews were a bit inconsistent from the Calgary scene.


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Aug 9, 2003
Dante172, i do not know the answwer ...

to your question, but she does have funky Cateye glasses.

Give her a call ans ask her. It is likley the same Girl.


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Dec 31, 2002
the far east of Etown
I just saw Petra yesterday, and I can concur with all the good things that you guys said about her.

She dresses very classy, and gives the BEST actual massage that I have ever had. I was in heaven under her touch. She is very open and we chatted about a variety of subjects.

For me, looks 9, attitude 9, service 9. One of my best sessions ever. I would recommend that you at least drop by and visit her to say hi!


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May 8, 2004
The Tickle Trunk
Where is Petra now?

Hi Edmontonians,
Life is going to bring me to your fine city this weekend and I was hoping to hook up with Petra. I saw here in Dec. and was very impressed. The above reviews certainly do her justice.

Any way I called Kama Sutra tonight and they said she is no longer there :(

Any idea where she might be? Another studio, out of the business?

Any help is much apprecaited...

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