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Review of Amy @ SU


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Oct 17, 2003
I had the chance to visit Amy at SU earlier this week. She's a small lady who at 4' 11", towers over the average Chihuahua. She has nicely shaped B cups and a shortly cropped landing strip. Amy has had a couple of children and does have minor stretch marks. She also has several Tatts, but overall, I found her attractive.

She has a wonderful personality which became obvious almost immediately upon meeting her. I had origionally booked half an hour with Amy, but once I found out what was on the menu, I upgraded to the hour service. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

She started out by giving me a very long, well applied massage. Next, I returned the favor and then proceeded with some DFK, moving on to DATY and digits. She was definitely a pleasure to perform DATY on, and she has the best set of PF's that I've seen since Mariah of CL. While dining, Amy skillfully gave me an FJ (I guess our body lengths were well matched).

We then moved on to Mish and to my pleasant surprise, I discovered that she was somewhat tighter than average.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience which I wouldn't mind repeating some day. I would rate her as:

L: 7
A: 9
S: 8.5


Sir Woodster

Mar 5, 2004
ohhhhhhh add AMY to the List.... :D da*&, I think I'm gonna go broke.... but I'll be happy...
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