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Review - Madison - Seduction Unlimited (SU)


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Feb 23, 2003
In my house
I have been browsing the SU lineup for a while and debating on whom to see next. Had it narrowed down to 3-4 gals and ended up seeing Madison.

Her pics are accurate. Young, perky, a few tatts as evidenced in the photos.
Booked an hour appointment at the incall location and was shown in by Madison. For some reason the place was unusually busy, but she was relaxed and pleasant and wasn't rushed at all by her or the agency.Prior to booking I asked if she was GFE-like and was informed she was!

She is young, has a good demeanour, attractive and pleasant.
I'd characterize her as sensuous/gfe in her attitude. Enjoyed my time, and am definitely going to follow by having a subsequent visit. Obviously everyone has a different chemistry and the usual YMMV caveats apply. Good experience. Treat her nice. A gem in the making? Possibly.....

LAS - 7.5/8.5/8.5


Apr 28, 2005
Madison @ SU

Glad to see a good review of my favorite girl about town. I have been eyeing her up for a while and was hoping I'd hear something about her on the "board". Thanks for that. Maybe I'll go give her a whirl now ...
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