Freya Darling


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Aug 1, 2003
So here's to my first real post...

I arrive at PH; specifically wanting to see krissy for some fs. After all the reviews and so forth, I had my mind set on it, being awhile since my last fs. Anyways, she was running late, I didn't really care at that point. Did the shower thing, and waited and waited and waited.

The chit chat was ok, mundane everyday things, my fault since I was sporting a bit of a hangover. But she has such a hot bod.

Massage was ok, had a reverse, a too short cbj, although there was some BL, then the show. Let's just say I needed a lot of control not to end the show early. But then my control was too much, and I felt bad b/c it seemed like it wouldn't end. Credit Krissy, at one point I could kinda sense she was like "enough with the hammering", but that disappeared and she was back to the orchestral sounds we love.

Didn't feel rushed for most of the session, except for that brief second, found that she didn't look me in the eye as much as I hoped (lots of mirror looks). So much for the coveted PSE.

Although my legs were weak, I don't think I'd repeat a fs with her...

l/m/e : 8/6/8 (would be a 9 on the extras if there was more eye contact for sure)

peace out...i'm spent...