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May 17, 2003
Sorry for this one fellows but it has to be pointed out that not all my experiences are amazingly bad. I was in Toronto in late July and hooked up with Kimberly. Did an extensive search on https://terb.cc and found her. Russian blonde with a killer body, and an even more amazing attitude. I was just getting ice when I saw her come down the aisle. From afar she looked liked Anna Kournikova and all of a sudden I knew was Sergei Fedorov saw. Wow!

When she got closer, she was a little less cute but still had a killer shape. She spent an hour with me twice in my hotel room. Both visits were two browns and one green. Ouch! but that`s going rate in TO.

What happened next was right out of a porno. She was all over me in the shower, on the bed, on the floor, on the couch and finally over to the chair where she did BBJTC perfectly. Sucked on my balls, kept eye contact the whole time, and when I unloaded she took all of it in her mouth without spilling a drop.

She graciously got up and spit it out in the bathroom but came back looking for more. EVERYTHING is on the menu including greek which was fun. MSOG, every position, highly energetic. Likely about 25 but advertised as 21.

This one is almost worth the Air Tango $420, 5 hour air flight (direct flights leave Vic to TO Mondays).:p


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Jun 21, 2003
wow ... congrats on a positive review (and experience)! :p

it sounds like the money was worth it; i have yet to discover an SP in victoria with such a full menu.

(of course, i expect some perberts to enlighten me now ;))

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