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Review - Julianna From Monday Mag


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Feb 23, 2003
In my house
Took one for the team it seems.

New provider who advertises in escort section that offers massage and full service. Massage rates are 70/120. Full Service 200 for an hour. Paid for an hour massage. She's located in the Rockland/Fairfield area. Her contact # and description (accurate) is available via the the free paper or on their online site.

L/A/S = 8/3/3

Several turn offs for me. No bed or massage table. She used what seemed to be a comforter covered thermarest on the living room floor. When I arrived she was standing there smoking. Played with her cell phone for several moments. Rushed visit. Paid for an hour, stayed less than 30 mins. During the event there was limited touching on her allowed. She used a glove for HR. At the end, no offer of a shower and she went back to using her phone. Definitely wouldn't book again for massage. Given her cold and clinical attitude I can only imagine the disappointment of FS.

She's a new provider to Victoria and even though her rates are above average for the city, thought she could be one of those new gals who was worth the premium.
Boy was I wrong.
One to avoid folks...*pout*.