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Review: Emily @ Island Beauties

Hipster Doofus

Grand Exalted Poohbah
May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
I'm surprised no one has reviewed Emily @ IB yet because she's ultra cute with big blue eyes and a perky friendly attitude. She's always flashing her pearly whites in a big smile.

She has fairly large breasts, some cute baby fat and a nice cushioned ass ( but not hefty) for such a petite little thing and the overall package is very attractive.

In the bedroom she's a spunky exhibitionist. Showing you her goods and inviting you to try them out. The menu is standard with some nice kissing and DATY.

I really enjoyed Emily and I think most guys would like her too.
She apparently does duos with Regan. That sounds like fun!


mr. reisling

Feb 26, 2003
Nice post Hipster. Looking at those pics of Emily and Regan has got me planning my next trip to Victoria. Those 2 might give me a heart attack but what a way to go..............., You just have to hope they are fully interactive
Pink Cherry