The Raquel Rose

Review and Inquiery


Dec 10, 2003
Miami BABY!!!!
Was in town last weekend and I found myself with a little bit of time on my hands.

I decided to go out and about and drove around for awhile from studio to studio. I couldn't really find anyone I was really interested in. The Lady that I really wanted to see was not available and well since I was leaving town I wanted to find someone.

I came to KamaSutra and met Krissy. I checked her out and decided to stay. She was nice enough and she is extremly good looking. I like the tatoos too.

The massage was nice, not great but very relaxing. She wasn't very talkative and I had to carry most of the conversation which for me was kind of a downer.

I wasn't sure of what type of extras I wanted, and this did not seem to bother her which I liked. I like to let the session develop and since it was my first time with her I was kind of causious.

Once the massage was over she turned me over and we started playing, once again she asked what I wanted and again I told her I didn't know. She didn't care at all and we just started playing.

I wont go into detail but we played around for a good while until I was done. She seemed to enjoy what I did for her and this made me get even hotter.

She did not rush me once and she did not care I didn't go for the F/S.

Overall very nice lady. she is really good looking and very soft spoken. She has a great body too.

Ok now my question to all of you. I was reading past posts about Greek, and although I have never travelled there before with an SP, I would like to. I will be in town starting tomorrow night and well I would like to experience it. In my reasearch I found that Krissy does go to greece, but only after a few sessions, seeing how I have only had one session and it was not even F/S I highly doubt that she would be reseptive to the Idea.

Does anyone know of any good greek providers? especially any recent encounters/reviews would be great. most of the stuff about greece on the board is from last year.

Thanks All. It's been a pleasure as always.

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