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Review#1 Victoria


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Jun 8, 2003
Just catching up on some reviews from the past couple months.

I spent a little pooning time in Victoria. I figured I would post it here given that everyone should spend the odd weekend across the pond seeing what they have to offer. Overall it is easy to find the SP’s at bcdarlings.com. Here you have links to SU, IB, VE, Chantelles and indies. The value is good at 8 greens for an hour… add an extra green for incall. I chose the following SP’s:

Sienna @SU
Looks – 7 – she is a 20 year old Brazilian. The pics are close, but I would suggest 10 lbs more than her photos.

Attitude – 7 – Sienna is relatively new to the biz, she is as kind as can be and a pleasure to spend time with.

Service – 7-everything is safe. Typical service (CBJ, FS) with a little DFK… YMMV here as she stated it is typically not on the menu. 1 SOG in the hour…I was hoping for 2.

Melody @ VE
Looks – 6 – she is 19 years old and petite. Pics are relatively accurate…. Her breasts are a little smaller than I expected.

Attitude – 6- Nice enough person. We didn’t quite click like I have with some other SP’s, but this isn’t a reflection upon her. It wasn’t awkward or anything, just different personalities.

Service -7- everything was safe. Again standard service (CBJ, FS) and DATY was on the menu. Melody is extremely talented at the CBJ. It was 1 SOG for the time.

Kimmi – Indy
This was disappointing…. The only time I have ever been stood up by a SP. I don’t know if you would call it stood up, but we set up a time for 2 hours later, I was to call her a half hour earlier with the address (she was driving at the time and couldn’t write). I called a half hour before our scheduled time, I called 15 minutes before our time, I called at our scheduled time….each time no answer and no response to my messages. I can’t comment on her looks / service, but I would say I don’t have much respect for people waste other peoples time.

Overall, Victoria is great. There are a number of SP’s who are relatively young and attractive. It seems it is fairly standard services for a reasonable price…. Definitely worth the price of a ferry ride and a couple nights hotel every once and a while.


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Jul 2, 2002
Audacity personified

I have only spent 3 nights in Victoria in the last 10 years, so you can be sure I have no right to declare a "Number 1 in Victoria" provider. But...coming from a province east of you...let me tell you that you guys are truly blessed. I saw only two girls: Rylee twice and Sienna once. For me, they rank 1 and 2. It would be hard to improve on experiences like I had with them. Thank you SU!!!

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May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
Overall it is easy to find the SP’s at bcdarlings.com.
ya! that's the whole point. In Vancouver and other areas there are several websites that you need to view to find what interests you. Its time consuming and draining...and unless you bookmark, you forget what you just saw.
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