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Rev Sw Leah


Feb 26, 2004
So I decide that the best thing do do tonight is a little pooning. I call around and a couple of ladies I am thinking of are unavailable.
Next I find myself cruising Gov't/Rock Bay. Pikcings are slim lots of crack ho running amuck. So I cruise RB one last lap spot a little something. Lap the block for confirmation Yup I have one to do.
Pick her up see tells me her name is Leah. About 5'5" hot to bad about early thirties dress young and hot. Tell me 4 greens for the whole show but her place has lots of company so I decline and take her up on her 2 green Bj.
Off we go quiet side street and WOW is she keen. Lots of deepthroat action with the right amount of hand. After I finished she continued to make sure i was done then held it in her mouth for 30 seconds or so. Igot her # andmay go back for more later.
Right after i drop her off Oh my God I spot a complete hottie as I drive away. she smiles and waves. I look in the rear view thinking about double bubble action but some other pooner got her first.
A good night was had.