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Rev: Shawntelle @ Seduction


Nov 6, 2002
I've been on a roll lately and am afraid to check my bank balance...

Met with Shawntelle at the incall location downtown. I had a good experience but it's important you realize that she's not for everyone.

First impression is a mid 20's biker chick. Dark brown shoulder length hair, striking blue eyes. She's very, very thin. Tat on left boob. Clothes came off and boobs/abdomen show evidence of previous babinos residing there. Tiny, firm ass that I liked but others might find it too unsubstantial.

She's a very nice person and very eager to please. Enthusiastic CBJ-- I don't think she does BBBJ. I will ask about greek next time. FS was ok, but you can tell that the trauma of childbirth has loosened things up a bit. Still fun though. Any position you like-- as I said she aims to please and she comes off as very submissive yet doesn't lay there like a lump. She's done some postgraduate training and is quite articulate. She seemed to enjoy the post-coital cuddling (who has time for that??)

DFK alright but I avoid it with smokers, and she's definitely a smoker.

All in all, enjoyable. Probably won't repeat because of my personal tastes (love BLS/BBBJ) but I think some pooners may really dig her.... If you're looking to f*ck a Barbie Doll, check out some of the new young blondies Vikki has lined up.

Hmmmm.... which one next?

L/A/S 5/8/7