Asian Fever

Rev of Ashley (Cross) of SU


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Dec 16, 2002
West coast (CA)

Look - 8 (she looks better in person)
Body - 7.5 (porportion w/ nice soft skin/boobs)
Attitude - 10 (a TGFE)
Service - 8 (all safe, which is what I like. I took 2 pts off for not offering bbbj & dfk, not that I care if bbbj is on the menu since it poses a certain risk to both the girl and myself).

Repeat: YES

Ashley is cute as a button, with soft skin and boobs. She has moderate amount of baby fat, but she carries them well. She is friendly and aims to please. The session consisted of alot of kissing (don't think DFK is on the menu - yes, I believe she is a smoker, but her breadth was fresh during the session - I also withheld any attempt to DFK since she is a smoker), and took the initiative to kiss every sensual part of my body and I was totally pampered. I got both front and back rub before and after the FS (multiple positions, not sure about greek - didn't ask/care, not sure about multiple sog for 1 hour session, only 1 delivered). I had a really good time.

Treat her well guys.


PS: I haven't done too many reviews and not sure if the info is sufficient. I also don't want to disclose too much details as YMMV. Pm me if you want to know more and have suggestions on what to be included in the future review.


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Jun 25, 2003
Your reviews are top-notch, thanks. I've been thinking about the upcoming Vancouver tour of SU and you're helping out quite a bit since you've just reviewed two of the traveling girls. Both sound great! They look good and even better, they have the right attitude.