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Nov 6, 2002
E & R has a flood of new recruits lately and they all seem eager and willing to provide FS.;)

None of my favourites were on tonite, so the phone lady suggested Jamie-- a "19 year old athletic full C-cup" (her words).

Well, I went and met a very nice and nervous girl at one of their apartments. She must be 140, 5 ft 6 with pale smooth skin and has baby fat. I think she really is 19. She's just delivered a nino in the last few months, but the stretch marks are not easily noticeable. Medium size tat on the small of the back. Short dirty blonde hair. Big, natural bongos (but gravity has taken it's toll, despite her tender age!). Those of you who appreciate huge areolae will go nuts. I'm so-so on that.

She offered full service for $180- the standard ER rate. She said that she doesn't offer it to everyone, so YMMV.

Massage was not good. I'm not sure if it was because she was nervous about the main event-- I think so.

I was expecting a mediocre experience by this time but much to my dismay she attacked me with DFK, BBBJ, BL and FS. Definitely one of the best BJs I've ever had. I always thought that younger women just couldn't do it like that. Felt a bit weird about the FS considering the recent activity down there, so I asked her to finish me off with BBBJ and she happily complied.

She was pleasant and sweet. If she was better looking it would've been perfect but you won't catch me complaining...:cool:


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