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rev: Heather of Monday mag


Nov 6, 2002
26 years old, knockout beauty. 36C-24-36. Victoria's hottest massage! New independent. 889-5485 anytime!"

decided to take a chance and booked an hour.

Her place is a reasonably nice and clean apartment near Cook St/Caledonia.
Very discreet and friendly on phone and when I showed up. Price is high for Victoria standards: $140/hr but I didn't really try to negotiate. She made it quite clear that there was no FS offered. When you arrive, she picks up the phone and makes a 3 second phone call. don't panic-- this is her security company (?providerese for pimp) verifying that she's ok.

Her looks: Well, not a "knockout" but a solid 6. Probably 5'5" and 125 lbs. Mid to late 20's, possibly older. Curvy in a good way but has a bit of the boob sag/a few stretch marks that always seems to happen after age of 25.... short Bleach blonde hair. Nice skin, waxed in the right places. Belly button jewelry/no obvious tats.

Her attitude: Good. Sweet disposition and surprisingly open. Rules are no DATY, no kissing on lips and no penetration. Reverse massage definitely allowed. You can go to town on her nipples.

Her massage: Quality deep tissue. Like a real massage-- she clearly takes pride in her work.

Her finish: she asks you when you are ready to cum and slows down accordingly. Not rushed and quite skilled. Russian ok. She likes to lick your nipples while she does the tug.

Afterward-- no rush out the door.

Summary: excellent quality massage and HJ-- but if you're looking for a playboy centrefold, skip it. I'd repeat. The cost isn't such an issue for me, but it'd put some guys off (you can easily get FS for $40 more). She says she's getting more business than she can handle, so the word must be getting out.

have fun



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Jun 23, 2002
Midwest, U.S.A.
Heather vs: Elizabeth

Hornyboy, from your respective posts, I take it that Heather is not as attractive as Elizabeth.....correct? How does she compare in terms of service and massage quality? ---Moe


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Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
FS vs Massage

And for 140, one may experience fs through Chantelle's with the likes of Nikki or Winter . . . .

Merry Christmas