REV: Breakfast Burrito @ Wendy's, Nov 2006



I did a quick search on PERB for a review of Wendy’s breakfasts but all that came up was one from GBM’s Big Bacon Classic Combo thread. Nothing in the breakfast thread either so I thought I’d TOFTT and visit Wendy’s.

I’ve seen the menu on previous night time visits and was pretty impressed with the lineup, so one morning when there was a lineup at the usual haunt (Tim’s) I decided to try Wendy’s. I looked over the menu and selected the Breakfast Burrito combo. It was presented to me with hashbrowns and a coffee which I thought was a nice touch. The breakfast burrito was dressed in a slinky silver wrap and I was impressed with the shape of the burrito, not too small like the McDonald’s version, definitely plumper than what I was used to. My hands were trembling slightly in anticipation as I slowly rolled the foil down a tight hot pasty white shell. The aroma of the burrito hit me instantly and I was quickly salivating over the scent of bacon. I quickly pulled the burrito to my lips and I nibbled a corner of the doughy shell. This thing was hot and just a little moist! I gently probed my tongue into the burrito and since it wasn’t too hot I dove right in. Inside were small chunks of bacon and scrambled eggs that wasn’t dry surprisingly. The melted cheddar made for a nice addition but to be honest I was lacking… something. The burrito was ok, but something was missing from the session. Then I spotted it. It was a spicy little number and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought of it before… a duo! What could be more natural than a breakfast burrito and…. Salsa! This salsa is not your chunky variety, but more saucy and definitely a little piquant. It came in a dipping container and though it wasn’t easy to do while driving I somehow managed to get the burrito dipped in salsa and into my mouth without spilling a drop or salsa or crumb of egg/ bacon fill. Manna! This was what I was looking for. This duo proved to be too much for me and I couldn’t hold back any longer and I quickly finished orally.

While still basking in the afterglow of the burrito and salsa my fingers wandered over to the hashbrowns. This is the same nugget hashbrowns that Burger King serves and normally I would endulge myself in one or two of the golden treats, but the burrito left me feeling satiated. The coffee was another story. I quite liked sipping the ebony concoction which reminded me of another session with Starbucks… but I’ll leave that for another review.

For you numbers people here’s my ratings:

Looks: 8.5
Attitude: 3 by itself but 9 with the salsa
Service: 8

Sorry I forgot what the exact donation was. Sometimes in the mornings I’m just not with it but I think it was in the 6 loonie range (or 3 polar bears aka 1 blue and change)

Overall I would repeat. There are others on the menu that caught my eye so the repeat with the burrito might take a backseat to the other breakfast items but I will come back for the burrito.




I'm glad you're comfortable enough to admit to everyone that you like spending your breakfasts with a very meaty King, but until you try Wendy's (BB no less) you don't know what you're missing.

As for the spinner, that would be the McD's version. This one definitely has a little more meat to it.



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Jul 3, 2004
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Ever been to Zona Norte in Tijuanaat 8AM? Lots of chicas and customers too. LOL.

soopergrizz said:

I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but let's be serious - noone is looking for a little mexican spinner in the morning.

For fans of the a BBW (Big Beautiful 'Wich) the king is the King!

L/A/S* 8/9/9

*Drive-thru service a breeze

3 bears + 1 duck tip for the large coffee

Safety note - you might want a raincoat, because it can get messy!

PS - wait 5 hours before attempting any rimming


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Aug 10, 2004
Nice review Hardatwork. Contact info please! What was the donation?

Soopergrizz are those pics real?