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Rev: Blossom of VE


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Sep 28, 2003
Very pretty, seems slightly heavier than the pics with nice B-cups. Very nice skin, no tats or funny marks. Overall, awesome body on a pretty face.
Very friendly, good smile and aim to please, so pretty good attitude overall.
Service, well......again, very quiet which doesn't quite work for me. No kissing, but do like daty, however, the fact that there's no response, I can't help to think that I'm doing something wrong, even tho she said it feels good.

L/A/S: 8/8/7
Overall, it was pretty good, except the service was alittle uninspiring, but ymmv.
She's like Jasmine/Vanessa and many girls like them: good looks, nice attitude, limited quiet service.

On a side note, it was an incall. I haven't done an incall for a long long time ever since a very bad experience in New zealand. In VE, it was nice, discreet, good atmosphere and very clean and I don't see anyone else (client or girls) besides the one I book for. Are SU and IB just as good? Cause I read about sitting there and awkwardly near other girls while waiting. The only issue is parking...but it's not REALLY an issue.

On the way out, I got a glimspe of an Asian girl, (Yumiko perhaps? ) seems very very hot....guess I know who to see next!


Oct 19, 2002
Good Review unreal..

thanks for the review unreal.. here is her link... Blossom at VE kissing :( ..oh well..maybe ymmv.. my experiecnes at SU have been lucky as far as discretion is concerned but that does not mean it may not be an issue for others and I normally take cabs to incalls so parking isn't an issue for me.. haven't been to IB yet ;)


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Jun 23, 2002
Midwest, U.S.A.
A Blossom Fell

There may, indeed, be some potential; however, she certainly could use some better pics! ----Moe
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