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Renos, Websites & New Girls - Oh My!


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Jul 16, 2008
Closure Updates

If you have been to our downtown studio in the past couple weeks you have probably caught us with our pants down during reno mode.
We re-did our rooms and carpets about 2 years ago, but alas it was time to revamp the common areas of our office & we are all very excited about the finished product.

In the meantime, our main studio location downtown (Douglas st) will be closed on the following days as we finish painting and installing new carpets in our common areas :

Monday, October 12th
Monday, October 19th
Tuesday, October 20th
Monday, October 26th

Our private condo location will be open on these days, so if there is a specific lady you had in mind for any of these days, please give us a shout to prebook.

New Website

Due to the fact that ms.Wallbanger has no idea how to take things slow or easy, it also seemed like a good time to finally get our new website underway ;)
The new site is not only going to be VERY sexy, but it also has a whole bunch of new bells and whistles to help you find the perfect companion for making sweet memories.

By the end of October / early November, we should have both our renovations and new website launched, so we look forward to continuing to impress the pants off you for many years to come.

Newbies are Cumming

We also currently have 5 brand new to the business ladies in the process of going through our mentoring and orientation program.
We will be staggering their start dates over the next few weeks,
but I can tell you there are some complete knockout sweethearts that will be joining our roster very soon.

More Updates

Cnotes are back, and better than ever! We have moved to a paperless system which now allows us the ability to let clients spend their Cnotes in any increment amount they wish,
meaning you do not have to spend Cnotes in sets of $100 anymore.
We still have the two options, either the $600 worth of Cnotes for $500, or $300 worth of Cnotes for $260, and they continue to provide the best bang for your buck with Victoria's best-reviwed escorts.
More info on our promos can be found at :

We want to thank everyone who has shown us support throughout this crazy year, more than ever we have fallen in love with what we do and why we do it.
Our clients have been nothing but AMAZING and taken such good care of our ladies, if it wasn't for you we would not be here,
so THANK YOU for from the bottom of our hearts, you mean the world to us <3

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