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Red light districts of the world


Mar 5, 2003
Has anybody been watching above program on channel 49 (OLN)
on saturdays at 8.30 PM? Have seen episodes regarding hamburg, berlin and Thailand.


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Mar 11, 2003
I saw the one on Berlin. Now there's a job I'd like, getting paid to go to the red light districts, strip clubs, massage parlour, etc in cities around the world. Perhaps us Perberts need to start our own production company and create our own show so we can go after some of the government grants and tax credits to help finance our interests.


Jul 2, 2003
I've been watching Red Light Districts too. The show is on Saturday and Sunday nights. Quite a variety of entertainment in the various cities. The rates seem quite reasonable relatively speaking to the hobby here. If memory serves me, the cities visited (that I've watched) so far have been:

- Amersterdam
- Hamburg
- Montreal
- Berlin

I missed a couple of episodes before Berlin episode. Anyone fill in the missing locations (Thailand,...)? Has anyone found a website listing for this show?

I was quite impressed with the amazon SWs in the Berlin "high track".

R the Man

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Nov 23, 2002
Somewhere in La La Land
I've had the opportunity of visiting Amsterdam, and the Red Light District is extremely disappointing. While it is fun to look at the ladies in the windows, their performances are extremely mechanical and brief - no GFE to be found at all.

What is more fun in many cities in Europe is that many bars and clubs are really licensed brothels. In Barcelona, I went to a "famous" bar called Kiss Me -- a tiny, dark place that is really only the length of a small bar, but filled with ladies in bras and panties -- at least 10 when I was there, and only 3 or 4 guys. For the price of a ladies "drink" costing 32 Euros (about $50), a girl will take off her top and be all over you, including kissing and hands down your pants. For another drink, she'll pull out your manliness and jerk you off, a 3rd drink gets oral, and likely FS is available for 4 drinks (I didn't go that far) -- but all of this is done at the bar with all the other girls (and guys) around! It was incredible, and not as weird as it might sound doing it in public. Really fun for those who like me who enjoy strip clubs, because it was like greatly enhanced lapdancing!


Oct 19, 2002
aaaah I remember those R the Man..

brings back memories ...I was in Germany close to Lahr in 92 on stop over on my way to Cyprus..went to a couple of those places...I also remember porno being played on either a stage (screen type set up) or TV's placed throughout the bar..some Nice ladies there too...:p


Mar 6, 2004
Never the safest place
I believe OLN chickened out and cancelled this series, Red Light Districts, before it had even finished showing the 13 episodes that had been produced, after some newspaper columnists complained about federal government grant money funding a sex tourism television show.

It is rerun on the SexTV digital channel on Mondays.

Episode descriptions

Feb. 26, 2007
South of the border, host D. Garnet Harding explores the chaotic streets of this infamous Mexican retreat. In the crowded bars of Zona Norte he finds the source of Tijuana's wild and raunchy reputation.

Mar.5, 2007
San Francisco
Echoes of its raucous and hell-raising past still resound in the bars and clubs of this city by the bay. From the bars of the North Beach district to the mean streets and massage parlours of the Tenderloin, a colorful view of the people and performers that help maintain San Francisco's racy reputation emerges.

Mar.12, 2007
A traveler's visit to the world's most famous red light district includes a stop at the legendary Casa Rosa live sex show. After checking out Amsterdam's legalized prostitutes on display in their infamous windows, he steps through the door to satisfy his curiosity and desire.

A tear along the racy Reeperbahn with its legal prostitutes, sex shops, topless bars and peep shows and host D. Garnet Harding at The Dollhouse, Hamburg's hottest go-go bar. Across the street, both on stage and off, the management and performers at Club Safari provide insight into the workings of a live sex cabaret.

A newly arrived resident of North America's most sensuous city takes host D. Garnet Harding on a tour of the renowned gentleman's clubs along Ste. Catherine Street. After sampling the 'danseuses nues',they get more insight into Montreal's erotic heart at the largest swingers club in Canada.

The wild streets of this Thai oasis offer up a variety of adult entertainment options in not one, but several red light districts. The eye-popping itinerary includes the frenetic go-go bars of Pat Pong Road, the dazzling neon of Soi Cowboy and a visit to one of Bangkok's infamous live sex shows.

An adventurous Scotsman reveals what brings him back to this tropical Thai resort town time and again. Neon splashed beer bars and sun-drenched beaches are the backdrop for his unforgettable holiday with Diamond, a local bar girl who provides a candid look at into what life is like for a bar girl in Pattaya, Thailand.

This newly liberated city reveals its wild side during a map-guided tour by host D. Garnet Harding. Sex Kinos, peep shows and street walkers abound as Berlin's past and present collide. The tour winds up at a topless bar where an exotic dancer provides an insightful look into her life on stage and off.

The reserved manners of modern day Japan are in stark contrast to its wild underbelly as visits to various bars and clubs illustrate. The historic origins of this erotic side of Japanese culture are discovered by host D. Garnet Harding in Yoshiwara, Tokyo's centuries old red light district.

The heat is on during this tropical trek through one of the largest cities in Asia. From the go-go bars on legendary Burgos Street to the shopping mall like atmosphere of the Edsa Entertainment complex, the erotic heart and soul of Manila is uncovered.

Angeles City
Bar owners, ex-pats, tourists and go-go girls display a cross section of life in the Philippine outpost of Angeles City. A profile of an American bar owner and the girls that work for him give an in-depth perspective on what draws people to the frenetic streets of this hedonistic haven.

New Orleans
A local resident takes host D. Garnet Harding on a tour of the infamous French Quarter and provides an education in the art of nightlife, New Orleans style. Their bar crawl along Bourbon Street takes them to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, where staff and performers give a sneak peak into working life on America's wildest street.

Las Vegas
Host D. Garnet Harding rolls the dice during a search for the sin in Sin City. A tour of the gentlemen's clubs just off the 'Strip' leads to Las Vegas' largest swingers club. Off the beaten track he discovers the Chicken Ranch, a world famous legal brothel in the Nevada desert.
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