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Re: Telus


Re: Telus

I know I know There was a Posting Awhile Back About **Telus** ...
Here is an Ad that was in The Province, Thursday October 23, 2003 TWU
Are you angry about the service at Telus?
TWU members share your frustration w/Telus service. Over the last few years, the new management at Telus has made it impossible for us to provide you w/the service you deserve. They have slashed staffing levels by 30%, removed 1000's of jobs from communities across Alberta & B.C. & radically centralized their operations. It's not surprising that service quality has declined so dramatically.
Unfortunately, some customers who are at their wits end in dealing w/the co. are taking their frustrations out on us. We want you to know that those of us who are still on the job are doing everything we can under extremely adverse conditions to meet your needs.
There is no indication that management understands how badly the situation has deteriorated. But sooner or later Telus has to realize that the solution to the current crisis is simple: the co. must hire & train enough people to provide the service you are entitled to:
The members of the Telecommunications Workers Union.

I thought it was an "interesting" ad? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? **shawna**


May 30, 2003
Check out there stock prices. Dont know if the sudden increase is from cost cutting or being more competative.
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