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Oct 18, 2003
My first post here in this forum:
My rant is this - why is it so f#*!ing hard to find a sp who will do a strip, h/r for a decent rate? It seems like its a lame massage with no lookie or f/s, nothing in between.
In Mont. you can go to a club, go up to a room with a babe, have her crawl all over you for 60-80$ and get off.
The strip clubs there and in TO seem to understand that guys go there to actually see some pussy - cool concept, eh? In Van it seems like they think we go there for the conversation and dance.
I like to look... nothing I appreciate more than a beautiful female bod and I don't always want f/s... is that so wrong???
And m/p's... what the crap is that??? 1.3 or more for a lame massage and tug, maybe a glimpse of tit... ay carumba! It's a sad, sad thing to have a kink as strange as mine.


Feb 23, 2003
different scene

Having had experience in all 3 cities you mentioned (Mont, To, Van), I have to say that the hobby scene is different in all 3 cities.

To is more geared towards MP and outcalls. Not much happens at SC in TO. Lots of rub and tugs in TO (or massage type combos).

Van is a mix of MP and incalls. Not as much selection as To, but prices in roughly about same as To.

Now Mont is a pooner's paradise. As you said, SC are quite liberal there, only $10 dance. And the SC are located on main streets right beside brand name stores like Gap! And when they advertise that they are a SC, they are very "direct". And SPs (in and out) are ~1/2 price compared to To and Van. Can't go wrong in Mont.

If you like a strip and h/r, you may want to try an in or outcall in Van. Most MP don't really do the strip tease thing, but some SP do. (getting a decent rate is another challenge though).


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Jun 24, 2002

I have to agree with you! I and my friends love to be teased especially a nice lap and striptease show, even a toy show.

I have been to other cities like Toronto and Montreal as well and I also agree with yuppie that Montreal is a real pooner's paradise.

I too dont think FS is essential for my play, as long the whole experience is worth like a tease and satisfying.

As for vancouver, I have yet to discover what morphine is talking about. A sp who tease and please like strip and toy show. I guess search is half the fun in our hobby.

If anyone have a answer for us here, please do recommend.

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