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Jun 8, 2003
One of my previous posts brings up an interesting question; when you see a sp in a public place ( mall, bar, park etc.) do you think it o.k to go up and chat with them? how about when they are with other people ( friends, kids, boyfriend etc). Also how about a FORMER sp that is no longer in the buisness and has started a new life?
I am not refering to ladies that come up to you and talk shop trying to get your buisness later but the ones that dont seem to notice you when you go by.


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Sep 9, 2002
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I think saying hi with a smile doesn't get anyone into trouble. That's what I would do if I see a sp somewhere. I wouldn't talk to her about past sessions even if she is alone. Privacy is very important in this hobby for both sp's and hobbiests, especially for those who have moved on in their lives.


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Nov 12, 2002
I've met some of my favorite SPs when they are off-duty. For the most part, I let them approach me. If not, I'll nod, smile and walk away.

The most common place I meet SPs is at a bar or nightclub. Here is where you really have to lower your expectations. Don't assume that if she hangs around with you at the bar and drags you onto the dance floor that she wants to take you home for an all-night freebie. But hey, if it happens then good on you! (the opportunity did arise once....but alas, I was with my girlfriend at the time).

In those situations, we never really talk about times in the MP - what happens there, stays there. I won't tell my drinking buddies that the gorgeous chick I'm chatting with is an SP, and she won't tell her friends about me (unless they are fellow SPs).

SPs in general will keep their mouths shut for life. I remember picking up an SW regularly many years ago, and she once told me about having some famous people as regular clientele. It's so easy for an SP to ruin a celebrity or political career by publicly naming him as a customer, or by blackmailing him. It's a good way to earn your 15 minutes in the Paula Jones mold, or to take advantage of him. But the SPs don't do that, do they? Her family and friends likely don't know what she really does for a living - she doesn't want that cover blown by some scandal. And I won't mention any of the famous names that SPs have told me because I don't want my life ruined either.

It's all about trust.
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