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Pre-Pooning Meal?


Jun 21, 2002
On the Hill
Since the Hamster likes to visit the ladies in top form (Feeling, Looking, and Smelling good!), he needs advice on the best pre-pooning meal?

In the past, the Hamster stuck to basic healthy light meals, so not to feel too tired or sluggish. In addition, a heavy burger or some KFC is likely to create a world of farts while making love!

Any info to get the Hamster at 110% would be appreciated!


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Jun 24, 2002
Beach Front - Argentina
Tom Leykis @ Cheers!

I went to the Tom Leykis show at Cheers last Friday. Well, actually my girl took me. I could not get tickets but she sent him a picture of her rack and sure enough there she was on Tom's guest list. Got me in for free and we had a hell of a good time.

If you go to you will see the pics of what Leykis called the best show ever! There was a broad (38) who was lactating and squeezing out milk on the crowd (hey Filthy, was that you sucking it up?) while her 19 year old son looked on. Then the gal starts talking about how she has threesomes with other women and the other gal comes on stage and the Mom starts sucking this young gals tits with the son watching. Now here is where it gets wierder. The son then proceeds to suck on the same young gals tits that the mother just finished sucking on! All this while the crowd of 500 guys are piss drunk and screaming "Go Mama Go"!

Crazy day!


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Mar 11, 2003
Hamster would probably advocate a light meal of raw veggies and hamster pellets before his pooning visits. I however feel a more substantial meal is in order to give you the stamina you need. My personal favorite is a juicy steak smoothered in onions, garlic bread, and a salad with a nice strong blue cheese dressing.

By the way this might be off topic but can anyone recommend any sp who allow DFK.