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May 13, 2002
San Francisco Bay Area
As a new user of this board, I want to first thank all the posters. Reading through the posts helped a lot with my research before my trip to Victoria last weekend. So now, time for me to return the favor and post about my experiences.

As a bit of a background, I am pretty new to the hobby, less than a year now. It started on a business trip I had to Amsterdam. After that experience, I was hooked. I have returned to Amsterdam twice since. It is an incredible place for hobbyists (spell??). In any case, being based on the west coast USA, I decided to look for closer alternatives. Looking at the local scene, it is out of the question for me because of the combination of quality, price, and LE problems. I got some pointers to the Montreal area and started looking, but then, accidentally, I found some stuff on Victoria. Being the closest, I started digging into it. As it looked more and more interesting, I decided to come up for a weekend of exploration.

So here are some short reviews of my experiences:

First, I saw Erika from Classy ladies. She came in with not so impressive outfit, not to attract attention of the hotel staff (I completely agree). But, when she took the jacket off, WOW, very attractive. Erika is early to mid 20’s, shoulder length red hair, not a small frame but still nice body with D (or DD) cups. I don’t like to go into the very detailed descriptions of what went on, but I will say this: She knows what she is doing, was eager to please, very good sound effects, and definitely worked hard to make me happy. I will probably not repeat, only because she is not really my type, but at the same time I would definitely recommend her.

Since I see that this post is getting long, I will stop here and continue with additional posts in the next few days. There are couple of other reviews I will add here. Also, I am hoping to be able to contribute with the discussions here.

So, until next time …



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May 14, 2002
Thanks GT for the review.

Erika is one of my favs because she knows what she is doing and is a class act. Don't worry about being too detailed...we can all take the graphic bits. Erika really likes greek and that only adds to the experience.

Looking forward to your future insights
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