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Poseidon’s top ten qualities in women that drives Poseidon crazy:


Mr. Controversy
Jul 21, 2003
Your place or mine?
Top ten qualities in women that drives Poseidon crazy:

1) Her eyes, favourite colours are hazel, brown and blue. The eyes of a women can tell a lot about a person. You can almost tell what’s she’s thinking when you’re staring at them. I can look at a woman’s eyes forever if my SO would let me.
2) The way a women carries herself in terms of attitude, intelligence and personality.
This quality is so key in a long term relationship because if the sex dies out where else to turn to but her mind and personality
3) The scent of a women (Also one of my favorite movies) – Hooowaaaaa. The fragrance that emanates from a women’s body is so intoxicating that it exudes sex or maybe it’s just the pheromones.
4) Women with long soft wavy (not bushy) hair. It’s amazingly a turn on when I see a women walking on the street with her long beautiful hair covering part of her face and then the wind blows it or she flicks it back…
5) Women’s legs and feet. Ok, I can’t say this enough about this, but smooth silky legs and feet in high heels or platform shoes are amazingly beautiful on a women
6) A women’s feminine voice. I’m talking about a voice that almost sounds like a siren call. A female voice that can hypnotize you and even sing you to sleep. This is opposite from the screechy, high pitched, masculine sounding voices
7) Her neck is a precursor to her whole body. A neck that smooth and shapely that leads to her protruding neck and chest bones….a kissable neck leads to long necking sessions
8) Her mouth, lips, tongue and her smile. When being intimate, a women can almost make you melt when you see her smile back at you or even press her lips and tongue against yours when your DFK-ing
9) The way a women dresses and how good she looks in a dress. If my jaws drops then she’s got Poseidon’s seal of approval
10) All this and she can cook…..She’s my dream girl

Anybody else have a top ten about their dream Girl / Man?
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I shoulda been a farmer
Apr 16, 2003
Poseidon, judging by your posts, polls and new threads the last few weeks and now seeing this "top ten qualities list", I'd say that unless you lock yourself in the bathroom with a stack of Swank magazines, your retirement will not last. But how bad could that be?


Cariñoso; Affectueux !!!
Jan 13, 2003
Lower Mainland
oh oh something to do instead of being productive and working..

Top ten eh, this might be hard...

1)..Yes the EYES have it, not doubt you can melt me with a look if you have beautiful eyes....

2)..Her back, wear a low back dress and I'll follow you home, almost literally.

3)..Can she string a sentence together, have an opinion, express it. 1&2 get me in the door #3 keeps me there long enough to get farther along ;-)

4).. by now I probably have my eyes off her back for a second and then I notice the legs (and feet) actually in summer I might notice the feet earlier..

5)..Skin, love the feel of it, love to touch it

6)..Scent of a woman - ok If I'm now touching her I notice the scent, If I notice the scent from across the room, that's probably as close as I'll get. (oh and it is a good movie)

7)..a sense of humour, by now I've probably made some stupid joke (yeah stupid) always nice if she has a better line in return (hell I could steal it)

8).. the embrace, you know hug, don't hold back here..

9).. the kiss, I have no perfect one I had passionate ones, and shy ones that turned me on equally

10)..if she has all this she never has to go in the kitchen, I'll look after that....



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Apr 26, 2003
Diagon Alley
Hmmm... not sure if I can come up with 10, but here goes...

1. First thing I generally notice is hair. long straight hair does it for me almost every time. Blonde, Red/Auburn, Brunette in that order sort of....

2. Eyes. I don't think I have a fav. colour (although ice blue eyes on a women with black or dark brown hair rocks) because different colour combinations (hair, eyes, skin) can look really cool or really odd...

3. Chest. I've admitted it before that I'm a breast man. A nice set of D's or bigger will always turn my head. Not to say that I won't look at or appreciate a woman that has a smaller chest, but the biger ones catch my eye first.

4. Butt. Not too big, not too small or flat, but nicely shaped and rounded. Throw on a par of tight jeans or a pair of Daisy Dukes and I'll follow (from a safe viewing distance) almost anywhere.

5. Skin. Love it. Love to touch it (just barely with the fingertips or fingernails) and love to kiss it. A nice, subtle perfume can be very erotic at times. Too much of some kinds of perfume can give headaches, but every woman (every person for that matter) reacts differently to different perfumes.

6. Lips. Again, not too big and not too thin. A little on the pouty side is just about perfect.

7. Legs. Long n lean.... 'nuff said :)

Ok, now that we're past the physical aspects...

8. The Kiss. Start off slow and a bit teasingly and then biulds to deeper more passionate ones.

9. Hugs. Can never have enough of them. Full body, tight, honest hugs are the best.

10. Personality. I'm a tough nut to crack sometimes (no jokes, please ;) ) in that I can be fairly quiet and shy. A woman who can get me to talk (and can hold a good conversation) gets many bonus marks from me.

Last three aren't necessarily in order. Personality alone can outweight all the other factors I've listed.


Aug 21, 2003
SP wasteland: SK
Soft warm skin on skin ever changing as the hair flows around a throaty rich voice demanding patient exploring attention curled in your lap and wrapped over under around in constant motion.

The rest is all just the different details to be explored...


Jul 21, 2003

... beautiful words fellas. There are days when my suspicions about men are confirmed, and days when I am proven so wrong that I must shake my head and remember that we are all, first and foremost, seeking love and affirmation of our hopeful and kind spirits. Thanks for making today one of the latter.

Have a beautiful day.



Mr. Controversy
Jul 21, 2003
Your place or mine?
How about the women?

Ok i see all male top 10 lists. Any ladies have a top ten for their dream mate?


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Dec 30, 2002
Re: Top 10 attributes of the perfect woman ...

Squirrel said:
1-10 ... unconditional love. :)


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Jan 22, 2003
to get my crank started 2 things, the eyes and the smile. You can tell alot about a person with their eyes(love blue). And if they have a great smile that is genuine, I'm toast.

number 3 is the way they dress. I like more of a conservative dresser, no gawdy jewelry. I use to drive this route that went through the u-district in Seattle alot of young asian women would ride it, they would all be going to work in downtown, dressed very conservatively no gawdy jewelry and smelling and looking very nice, i would drive around town with a permanent hard on.(even though the younger ladies wearing the lowriding hiphuggers is a big turn on. Hopefully when i see a lady with them on i find myself staring and wondering is she hardwood or neatly trimmed\

4. the smell, a very subtle scent that doesnt hit you over the head with a hammer. she carries herself, does she do it with confidence, that is walking and the like.

6. how they talk a woman that swears just like a g.i. is not very attractive. I admit that i have a double standard on this. But when in a social setting and you hear a female voice using the f word repeatedly its like someone running their finger nails down a blackboard.

The breast, love to see a woman with small and perky breast, I try to visualize what they look like.

8. The butt. I like them rounded so you could almost set a drink on the ledge

9. The legs well shaped and lots of them, it seems like the legs never end

10. Does she act polite and with respect, and im not saying that she acts deferrential to any man, but you want a lady that apprieciates what another person does for them


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Jan 1, 2005
Face, Legs/Feet, Skin, Hair, and Ass.

Tits really aren't that important, if she has all the above in spades, but small boobies. No less than a B. A's are a huge turnoff!


person impersonator
May 9, 2011
Something one can never pinpoint
what i like in a man

1) well groomed. Shaved down there, good hair, good fresh breath (VERY important), clean fresh body smell, moisturize! we like smooth skin too!

2)Is respectful of your personal space. dont smother a woman, stand too close all the time and constantly grope at her boobs or pussy. Thre's a whole body you can touch. But dont overdo it or it feels yucky. Look but dont stare

3)a bit of style; show your own style, put a bit of thought into what you are wearing. take risks. love pink!

4.) How a man walks!! Super important. stand up tall, dont slouch. Walk with confidence

5)Etiquette. Hold open doors . Always let women exit an elevator first or go through a door first.Especially older women, even if you do not know them. Respecting all others is impressive, not just the one you are with.

6) Make an effort on important occasions or holidays even if you arent into them. A card can go a long way. Dont resort to cheesy obvious gifts like a red rose or chocolates

7)Fit but not overly so or you are likely dull.

8)decent teeth

The most important things are do for a woman with your hygeine what you expect from her. No woman wants to experience a mouthful of hair or stinky breath or ass crack hair. Be polite and always err on the side of chivalry!
ANd a sense of humor is VERY hot
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