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Police at WO


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Dec 5, 2004
San Francisco
I finally got to see the incomparable Audrey again.

Unfortunately, she was being interviewed by a police officer, there was a police car out front at the Wyld Orchid, and a police van in the driveway.

The officer had a bit of a beer gut and was definitely older than advertised. I doubt I'll repeat.

Dang, I hope nothing bad happens to Audrey, she's a gem.
Nothing happend to Audrey. :) One of the ladies had an accident earlier on and she had Wyld Orchid as a contact. The police came by to gather some info. Wyld Orchid is a new agency at a new location so they also checked in to make sure we had our licences etc.... Everything and everyone are ok and its business as usual. FYI VE and WO are both licenced, taxpaying, legal businesses. No need to worry fellas.
I actually originally

wondered WHY they made an actual visit as well. Apparently it was a head injury (she is fine now) and they had to follow up to make sure it wasnt an assault or drug related. All is fine.
We arent located in a house or an apartment so we are not subject to possible police raids. We are in commercial space and licenced to be there so you gents need not worry. :)