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Playful Vanessa- Beautiful and sweet


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Mar 21, 2004
Houston, Texas
Hi everyone,
just a visitor to victoria, and found this website with some research, and really appreciate the info everyone puts together.

for those like myself looking for some innocent good times, it really takes the worry out of the process, and makes for an enjoyable time.

I found Vanessa at BCdarlings.com under independents. Great pics but i would say the pictures dont do her justice. She did a 30 minute outcall for me at the fairmont downtown and was 130. She arrived in a cute "normal" outfit, and looked delicious.

She did a nice introduction, and immediatly made me feel at ease. I let her know I had not been to Victoria before and didnt want to "break" any of her rules. She assured me not to worry and we would have a great time, which we did. No kisssing of course was one rule.

She undressed me, then i proceeded to undress her. What beautiful skin, long straight soft hair, beautiful face, sexy canadian/french accent, soft perfect b cup breasts, a beautiful shaved pussy(am i allowed to type that here?!), and an ass that i havent stopped thinking about...

We cuddled a bit, rubbed each other, and she proceeded to cover me with a jimmy, and give me fantastic head. When i had enough....(never!), she climbed on top and it was fantastic. I changed positions a couple times and after about 15 minutes couldnt contain it any more. For the last 10 minutes we talked and she let me hold her beautiful soft naked body,and she proceeded to compliment me!! We talked a little, and got dressed, hugged and left.

I couldnt reccomend her more.

I will be in Vancouver tonight, if anyone has a reccomendation, i have to try again while i am in your beautiful country. Texas could only be as lucky!


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Aug 16, 2003
A Must See Lady In Vancouver

Nice to here that you had fun with Vanessa she is a beautiful lady!
If you are off to Vancouver then may I sugjest Paige Adams. She has many great reviews here on perb and her pics are on bc darlings in the indi section.
She is a lot of fun and has a tight and busty body. Many other sps could learn a thing or two from her.:eek:
Enjoy Vancouver,
Vancouver Escorts